Camrose Camera Club » Special Projects

By: Camrose Camera Club  09-12-2011
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Camrose Camera Club » Special Projects

These are special projects that members can choose to work on. When you have finished a project, let us know, and we can schedule you in to view what you have done! Special Projects can also create displays or shows for our Spectacular Show that we host every year or for your photos to be placed in a publication or used in the community.

Memory Lane

This is a special request from the Rosehaven Centre to provide digial images on CD (no need for a show), for the residents. Pictures of flowers, animals, pets, landscapes, old farm machinery, children, old buildings, anything that will trigger memorys for the residents.   Contact Joan Tod for further details.

Projects for Spectaculars:

  • Pictures of small Alberta Towns, capture the character of the town (Donalda, Vilna, Duhamel, etc)
  • Silly Signs – take a picture of a sign that is funny
  • What is it? – take pictures of things that people need to guess what they are.

Ongoing Project

Practise Using the Rules of Composition

  • Find a subject
  • Take a horizontal shot
  • Take a vertical shot
  • Do the Rule of thirds – take shots using all of the thirds, including center
  • Move in Close, Move in Closer
  • Depth of Field – take shots showing depth of field (background in focus, background out of focus)
  • Change ISO settings, ISO 100, 200. 400, 800, 1600, 3200
  • Reverse your Lens – take off your lens and hand hold it up to the camera, move back and forth until the object is in focus. (cool macro shots without a macro lens)
  • Slow down your shutter speed, move the camera and see what type of artistic effect you can achieve.

Compile all your pictures in a sequence and bring them to the any meeting to be viewed by all members.

5 Elements – Wind, Earth, Water, Metal, Fire

Take photos of images that represent the 5 Elements. You cannot use a Flag to represent the wind. Be creative!


Take a drive or a walk, choose a time that you will drive/walk and when the time is up, STOP, take pictures in the area that you stopped. Take a timer with you or use the odometer on your vehicle. Stand in one spot and take pictures all around, up and down. Find something of interest and take a pic.

4 Seasons (Spring Summer Fall Winter)

Using the same composition, same spot or object in 4 different seasons.

Square Meter Project

Take photos within one (1) square meter.

Same Shot Different Time

Take different shots of the same subject at different times of the day and lighting or weather conditions.

Three of a Kind

Take pictures that show 3 of a kind. 3 horses, 3 cars, 3 children, 3 flowers, etc.

Keywords: Camera, Camera Club, photos, Pictures, Silly Signs

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