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By: Cametrics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Image Processing, Ink Jet Printer, Print Head

PrintEngine™ Offline
The ixPressia off-line tool allows printer developers access to the power of the ixPressia image pipeline when away from the printer

Print Engine Colour

ixPressia off-line is designed for ink jet printer developers.

It allows access to the full power of the image pipeline without needing to be attached to a printer. Instead it outputs bitmaps.

No need for external photo manipulation!

During the early stages of a printer development engineers often need to process images and then load them manually into the print head electronics. This is often a laborious and time consuming process. Typically the input image needs to be dithered, colour corrected, colour separated and then split into swathes for each of the printheads. This can take hours.

ixPressia off-line automates the process. It allows an image file to be read and then automatically does the full image processing (colour correction, dithering, splitting) and generates bitmap files for loading into the datapath electronics. Because the ixPressia PrintEngine™ knows about the location of the heads it generates the swathes for each head automatically.

Saves time

This automation can save hours of engineering time, particularly if the head layout needs to be changed, or if new test images for calibration or test need to be used.

Easy introduction to ixPressia technology

The ixPressia off-line tool is a modified version of the full ixPressia PrintEngine™, with the same full image pipeline. It is a great way to start using the technology. When you are ready you can upgrade to the full PrintEngine™ and automatically send the data straight to the heads.


The information contained in this table may be subject to change due to our continuous development process. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.

Image Pipeline
Input images (bitmaps) Input images (bitmaps)
Either as a single bitmap or 1 image per colour plane.
Input images (vector) PostScript (PS, EPS, PDF), DXF (optional), Gerber (Optional)
Colourspace Monochrome, RGB, CMYK, CMYKcm, CMYKcmyk
Colour-conversion ICC Colour profile (customer supplied when 6 colours or more)
Supported bit formats 1 to 255 shades of grey
1 to 8 bits per pixel
MSB or LSB first
Raw bitmap for sending directly to printhead
Dithering (halftoning) Error diffusion
Image pre-processing Rotation (90, 180 or 270 degrees)
Scaling (nearest neighbour or cubic spline)
Image step & repeat in Grid, Brick or Wallpaper patterns
Max swathe size In an XY system there is 1 swathe per pass. Max swateh size 250Mb.
Max image size No limit (see comments on Max Swathe size)
Configuration Head layout is configurable to allow automated splitting of image into swathes
Output Head layout is configurable to allow automated splitting of image into swathes
System Requirements
OS Windows XP or Windows Vista
CPU 2GHz Pentium 4 or better. If multi-core processors are available they will be fully utilised to increase performance.
Memory 256Mb recommend, see comments on Max Swathe size
Throughput Overlaps image processing, download of image in to the print heads and stage movements to give optimal performance and throughput.

Keywords: Bitmap Files, Development Engineers, Diffusion Image, Image Processing, Ink Jet Printer, Print Engine, Print Head, Wallpaper Patterns,

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