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By: Cametrics  09-12-2011
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PrintEngine™ Mono Label

PrintEngine™ Mono Label
ixPressia offers a complete variable data solution for monochrome applications with drop on demand heads. Our monochrome solution is based on the same advanced technology used in ixPressia’s colour variable data software.

Professional Workflow support

Design of the label is separated from printing. The ixPressia label designer is a simple to use layout package designed to run on a standard PC. Labels can incorporate backgrounds generated by professional designers.

Design labels and save as a template file using the ixPressia label designer off-line from the printer.
Import template and print labels using the ixPressia PrintEngine™ in real-time.

Printing itself is done by the ixPressia PrintEngine™, which supports all popular drop-on-demand printheads, including Xaar, Konica-Minolta and Dimatix.

Greyscale Head Support for ultra high quality

There is support for the new greyscale head technologies to give stunning print quality.

Variable Data for production systems

Data can be internally generated from counters (for barcodes, serial numbers, batch codes etc), or read from an external source (CSV file).

Labels are generated on the fly when needed, making for quick print start-up. Variable data can also be fed in from another computer via TCP/IP over a network connection. This makes it easy to interface to existing production control systems.

1D & 2D Barcodes

Add high-quality barcodes to labels – either variable or static. We support a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D barcodes, including the new composite barcode types.

Variable Bitmaps

Hydra can print bitmaps as either static images (the same for every print) or variable (where the image is read from a different file for each print), or any combination of the two. Bitmaps are extracted using a simple sequential numbered filename system. The benefit: your printer can be used for printing ID cards, passbooks, loyalty cards with individuals photographs.


The information contained in this table may be subject to change due to our continuous development process. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.

Graphical Design
Text Set orientation, size, font name
Use for static text, serial numbers, date & time, database and remotely populated data
Barcodes Use for static text, serial numbers, date & time, database and remotely populated data
Polygons Filled or unfilled. Straight lines & arcs
Rectangles Filled or unfilled. Square corners or rounded
Ellipses Filled or unfilled
Bitmaps Static or variable. Set scaling & cropping
Transparency Set the transparency of any item to allow the background to show through
Fills Solid or gradient
Layers A foreground and background layer makes layout easier
Number of objects No practical limit
Variable Data (text or barcodes)
Serial Numbers Start value, step, batch size
Time & Date Now, or Now + offset; settable element order; settable element formats
File import CSV file import of data
Variable bitmaps Use a different bitmap per label specified in a directory
3rd party control systems Use the remote control interface to send data to populate the label with whilst printing
1D & 2D supported barcodes (See below for full list)
Quality control Automatic to ensure a barcode fits exactly on a pixel
Pixel Shaving % of bar widths
Quiet zones % of bar widths
System integration
Remote control printing via TCP/IP control interface Control the start, stop, label data and monitor the printing process
File types supported JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG & GIF
Transparent bitmaps GIF & PNG transparency fully supported
Postscript EPS & PDF import
Language Support
User interface Translate the entire user interface to any language via a translation file
Asian languages Full Unicode support for Asian languages, including top-down written text
Arabic languages Full Unicode support for Asian languages, including top-down written text
Date & Time Specify the locale of the date and time to ensure the correct order of element, the correct separator and the correct language used for names of days & months
Label Design features
Easy to use user Interface Advanced user interface that can be translated to any language
Layout options Snap to grid, align objects to other objects
Layout aids Non-printing objects. Guide rulers
Lanes Specify the location of the printhead lanes
Label layout options
Multiple labels per page Specify rows & columns and inter-label spacings
Templates Template files for common designs
Non-printed objects Any drawing object can be placed on the non-printing template layer
Greyscale Support
Modes Monochrome and Greyscale
Screening Uses a very fast error-diffusion screening (optional) when used with the ixPressia PrintEngine™.
Print Heads
Xaar Xaar 318 (Leopard), Xaar 500, Xaar 760, Xaar 1001
Dimatix S-Class
Konica Minolta KM512
PrintOS H8, T8 and P16
Head Layout Configurable at design time from single head to multiple heads per colour.
Printer Hardware
Datapaths supported Xaar: XUSB datapath, Konica Minolta EB-100, TTP Meteor Konica-Minolta
Windows’ printer support Print to any standard windows’ printer

Barcodes Supported

The barcodes listed below may be subject to change due to our continuous development process. If you have a specific barcode requirement please contact us.

Barcodes Supported
Australian Post Custom
Australian Post Custom2
Australian Post Custom3
Australian Post Redirect
Australian Post Reply Paid
Australian Post Routing
CodaBar 2 Widths
Code 11
Code 20F5 DataLogic
Code 20F5 IATA
Code 20F5 Industry
Code 20F5 Interleaved
Code 20F5 Matrix
Code 20F5 Standard
Code 39
Code 39 Full ASCII
Code 93
Code 93 Full ASCII
Data Matrix
DP Identcode
DP Leitcode
EAN8 composite
Japanese Postal
Korean Postal Authority
PDF417 Truncated
Pharmacode One-Track
Pharmacode Two-Track
Planet 12 digit
Planet 14 digit
Plessey Bidirectional
Royal Mail 4 State (RM4SCC)
RSS Expanded
RSS Expanded Stacked
RSS Expanded
RSS Expanded Composite
RSS Expanded Stacked Composite
RSS Limited
RSS-14 Stacked
RSS-14 Stacked Omnidir
RSS-14 Truncated
Telepan Alpha
UCC/EAN-128 Composite
UPCA Composite
UPCE Composite
USPS OneCode (4-CB)
USPS PostNet10 (ZIP+4+cd)
USPS PostNet11 (ZIP+4+2)
USPS PostNet12 (ZIP+4+2+cd)
USPS PostNet5 (ZIP)
USPS PostNet6 (ZIP+cd)
USPS PostNet9 (ZIP+4)

Keywords: Data Solution, Graphical Design, Loyalty Cards, Print Labels,

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