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By: Cametrics  09-12-2011
Keywords: inkjet printers

ixPressia technology supports demanding materials printing with DXF and Gerber file format available as an additional option.

Optimised for Inkjet

The importer option takes into account different resolutions in the X & Y directions – a situation common in many inkjet printers. Other DXF and Gerber conversion tools don’t offer this functionality.

Extra control

Key aspects of the image can be manipulated while it is in vector format. These include all the linear transformations such as shift, rotation, stretch in X and Y and skew.

Special Customisation

If your application requires additional customisation (for instance controlling the order that deposition takes place in) this can be added as a custom feature to the ixPressia PrintEngine™. Please contact us to discuss.

Off-line processing

Combined with the ixPressia off-line tool it is possible to process images away from the printer.


The information contained in this table may be subject to change due to our continuous development process. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.

DXF Supports DXF Revision 13
Memory 256Mb recommend, see comments on Max Swathe size
Bitmap Conversion to bitmap based on printer resolutions in the X and Y directions.
Linear scaling Conversion to bitmap based on printer resolutions in the X and Y directions.
Greyscale Shift, rotation, X & Y stretching, skewing in vector domain

Keywords: inkjet printers

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