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By: Cameraoperator  09-12-2011
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Video Production Services

I offer full service video production in Banff, Canmore, Calgary and internationally on- and offsite for your projects.
As a boutique operation we specialize in corporate videos, incentive travel videos, web advertising strategies as well as documentary productions.


Onsite productions, get your folks psyched with a guaranteed powerhouse video. I like beaches, too. Previous locations: Bahamas, Caymans, St Johns, Mexico…


Do you have a demanding project? I’d love a challenge.
Previous locations: Colombia, Rocky Mountains, Italy, Germany, Ibiza

Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies

The advent of internet video together with falling prices for HD video cameras have in some ways changed the face of video production, while some basic principles have not changed.
Let me start with what hasn’t changed:
It still holds true that in order to achieve a good looking video it requires planning and professional execution. Proper lighting, sound, shooting and editing will always be the foundation for any production and yes, that should include YouTube videos.

The changes that have taken place are in the technical requirements for videos, the client’s demands and in the production workflow.
Production companies have to be more flexible, willing and able to deliver a wide array of formats. Gone are the times where you’d deliver a tape. That still works for TV, but in contrast to that any private company with a new image or advertising video needs the web formats as well.

The web has been the biggest game changer. New formats are most of the time easy enough to export but it needs some thought during the production as well: For example, while you can read titles (or any on-screen text) in the video on your TV very easily, they might be way too small for the web and mobile devices.

Utilizing the seemingly boundless and (somewhat) free opportunities for advertising on the web does take effort, time and a strategy.

If you expect your video to have any impact, don’t expect the video to come for free, neither.

Talk to us about your web strategy and let us create a video that packs a punch!

Here is how it usually works:

1. Client consultation
Define the goal, outline the steps how to get there, stay within the budget
2. Build the team
Call up my trusted creative professionals as needed
3. Go wild creatively
Really. Nothing’s too outlandish to be considered.
4. Reality check #1
Make sure the project is on target with feedback from the client
5. Production
Get it done.
6. Reality check #2
Are we there yet?
7. Deliver
Make sure everybody is happy.

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