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By: Camden Motors Racing  09-12-2011
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Engine Dyno: Our in house engine dyno service is a great tool that measures the horsepower and torque of your GX 160 and GX 2000 Honda race engines. The unique ability a dyno provides is to properly tune an engine and cannot be matched. Our dyno is available for rent at $100.00 per hour or $60.00 for three runs.

Chassis Services: Seat Mounting - Scaling of chassis - Squaring of chassis

Arrive & Drive:  Packages are available for the entire 2010 racing season.                                                              To book an event, please call 905-551-0964. Not confident in your engine? Want the edge on your competition? Rent an engine for the day and you are sure to be satisfied! Engine rentals start at $250.00 per day and comes complete with engine set up and tuning for the day.

Driver Coaching - Learn the proper driving skills and techniques required in order to be successful and win in today’s challenging racing world.  Twelve years of racing experience with multiple championships; Alexander DiFrangia is a dedicated, personable coach and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with you in a fun and friendly environment.   Contact Alexander at 905-551-0964 .   

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