By: Caltex Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Microscope, Digital Microscope, Video Microscope

The leading ergonomic design, user-friendly, and superb image
quality that only come with SONY products. No more eye strain
or neck pain associated with old-fashioned microscope.
TechnoLOOK digital microscope not only looks good, but also
makes your inspection looking good and easy.
Video microscope
Low cost video microscope with built-in 8" LCD screen, zoom
15x-100x, straight view, 35° oblique angle view, and laser point.
Mount to basic stand, boom stand or articulating arm stand.
Flexible, expandable, and ergonomic.
3D Rotational video microscope with LCD
Ergonomic view on 10.4" LCD screen, 360° manual rotation with
45° oblique angle and 0° straight down vision inspection. When
stereo microscope is not ergonomic enough or straight down
view is not flexible enough, RX-100-LCD is perfect vision system
for visual inspection
3D Rotational Digital Microscope
With 3D vision and 360° rotation, the microscopic world comes to
live. Vivid, high resolution and 3D images are perfect from solder
inspection to small medical devices that requires detailed
inspection as well as documentation.
VZM low cost video inspection system
Low cost, high resolution image, mega pixel digital camera, zoom
1x-40x. This is perfect vision system for assembly, alignment,
and inspection that requires ergonomic for operator
VZM non-contact video measurement system
Lots of functions packed in this low cost measurement system,
exceptional value. Non-contact measurement, vision inspection,
taking images, training, communicating with others, all built into
one expandable zoom 1x-4,000x system with high definition
detailed image
CMM digital-video measurement system
Upgrade from old-fashioned optical comparator to new
digital-video Coordinate Measurement System. CMS/AMS models
pack all 3 functions of CMM, vision inspection and digital
microscope zoom into one system. XY measurement plus Auto
Focus for z-height measurement.
TechnoSCOPE stereo zoom microscope
Affordable, bright and sharp image of TechnoSCOPE makes both
operator and manager happy. One will like the image quality, the
other will appreciate the afford ability.
  Solder Paste Height Measurement system
    BGA Inspection system
    Vision Components

Keywords: Digital Microscope, Microscope, Video Measurement, Video Microscope,