Glycol Management System

By: Calmac  09-12-2011

Features include the following:

  • TEFC pump motor and hot-dipped galvanized frame allow the unit to be located outdoors.
  • Visible warning lights and electrical contacts (rated 1/6 HP at 230 Volts) for remote monitoring for the following conditions:
    • Add Solution warning:Solution needs to be added to the reservoir, but pump will continue to run until level reaches the Low Liquid Level alarm.
    • Low Liquid Level:GMS pump is automatically turned off.
    • High Liquid Level.
    • Low System Pressure:Possible leak in building system.
    • Loss of Power:Low Liquid Level alarm contacts close on loss of power.
  • 65-gallon covered, vented reservoir, with 10-gallon graduations, which can be used for mixing glycol–water solution.
  • Pressure Relief Valve protects against over-pressurization by the Glycol Management System.
  • Building System Isolation Valve between building system and GMS.
  • Service Valve between the reservoir and the pump.
  • Drain Valve

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