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By: Calgary Storage Containers  09-12-2011

Marine cargo containers that are constructed from cor10 steel and come in wide range of sizes.

Our containers:
Are rodent proof.
Are wind and watertight.
Are secure, protecting your property at home or on the job.

We sell containers that can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications, from storage during a home renovation to protecting equipment on a job site.

Delivery- pick it up yourself or ask us to deliver it too you.
Sales – great containers at great prices.
Modifications – the skys the limit.


New 9' container from $3400.00
New 10' container from $3600.00
New 20' container from $3800.00
New 40' container Quotes Upon Request


Used 20' container from $3100.00
Used 40' container from $3100.00
Used 40' high cube from $3300.00
Used Premium 40' from $3100.00


20' high cubes Quotes Upon Request
20' double doors from $4500.00
20' open sided Quotes Upon Request
40' double doors Quotes Upon Request
40' High cubes Quotes Upon Request

USED SPECIALITY EQUPMENT: prices available on request

20' open tops
40' open tops
20' flat racks
40' flat racks
20' reefer working
20' reefers non working
40' reefer working
40' reefer non working

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011