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By: Calgary Roofing  09-12-2011
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   Legacy Exteriors uses time proven, guaranteed products and materials with warrantees ranging from 30 years and beyond. Our selections of products are years beyond current “industry standards.”


For durability, low maintenance, and great looks at a very attractive price, look to our Cambridge premium architectural shingles. Cambridge shingles are built to last. Double-layer construction and a tough, modified sealant provide for superior tear strength values and greater resistance to high winds. Cambridge shingles are manufactured in a larger size then other shingles, with the added exposure enhancing the shake-like appearance. Cambridge is available in a unique, computer generated color blends.

Product Specifications:

  • Heavyweight fiberglass asphalt shingles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Cambridge 30 AR features an algae resistant granule
  • Class “A” Fire Resistance Rating”
  • Limited warranty coverage up to 112 km/h
  • Product meets IRC wind code requirements
  • Limited 30 Year Warranty
  • 5 year IKO “Iron Clad” protection


IKO Cambridge LT laminated fiberglass asphalt shingles are the pinnacle of the Cambridge line, for performance and protection. Their extraordinary dimensional thickness creates a high-definition, natural “shake” look and profile. A double-layer construction of extra-heavy fiberglass mat (among the heaviest in the roofing industry) combined with a tough modified sealant that provides superior strength, durability, wind and weather-resistance. Protection against unsightly algae streaks is built right in with the algae resistant granules. Thanks to their extra-large size, these shingles save on installation time, overall making them a very affordable choice for any home.

Product Specifications:

  • Extra heavyweight fiberglass asphalt singles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Cambridge LT features an algae resistant granule
  • Class “A” Fire Resistance Rating”
  • Product meets IRC wind code requirements
  • 10 year IKO “Iron Clad” protection

3) RoofGard-SB (Superior, synthetic underlayment)

When it comes to protecting your home, what’s underneath counts! RoofGard-SB is made of a synthetic material that is completely waterproof. It is the most effective water-shedding barrier under any shingle. Even in cold weather, it’s incredibly flexible, and easy to work with. RoofGard-SB also has the slip-resistant surface, which allows our roofers to work on your roof safely. RoofGard-SB is minimum standard in all our roofing packages.

Keywords: Architectural Shingles, Shingles

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To help you choose the right type of roof for your home, a Legacy representative will come to your home and provide you with the proper information you need to make a comfortable, informed decision. Legacy will Inspect the entire roof deck before the installation of the new shingles, we will re-nail protruding roof nails and clean the roof deck to allow for a smooth surface.