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By: Calgary Pc Repair  09-12-2011
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Calgary PC Repair can help you with any computer related problems and show you how we do it during the process. If you have the time and inclination to learn, we're more than willing to let you know how it's done. We have many years of experience in the computer industry working with companies like IBM, Digital, Systemhouse and more as well as supporting home users and small businesses for the last decade. We're willing to share that experience while working on your computer to help you avoid future pitfalls.

Computer Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with a computer. Sometimes it's a hardware failure, such as bad memory or a failing hard drive. Usually it's software related and given todays connectecd environment, often virus related.

After diagnosing and fixing any hardware related problems we'll scan the system for any spyware or viruses. After we know that the computer is clean we'll make sure that all applications, device drivers and the Operating System are up to date. Once that's done we can begin optimizing the computer for faster performance.

We're also able to help you out with any other computer related issues, such as installing new software, upgrading hardware or connecting new devices. Whatever the need, we can help.


Today we are more connected than ever, it's difficult to imagine using a computer without an internet connection these days. We have traditional desktops, laptops, netbooks printers and mobile phones. Connecting all of these devices together to share printers and syncronize files can be useful. We will do that for you and make sure that it's secure. Having a private network is important but having a safe network is paramount.

If you have a small business or home business we can ensure that you have a safe, secure and optimal network. We provide options for critical data backup and can supply all hardware neccessary including routers, network cards and cables. We also do 'penetration' testing to make sure that your private network is truly safe and secure.


Although our focus is on technical support we've been known on occasion, to design and build websites. We have very exacting criteria when developing a web site:

  • It must be XHTML compliant
  • Visually Appealing, Simple and Clean
  • Work on varying resolutions
  • Work on many different browsers
  • No Flashy Gimmicks

If our website development standards are too stringent, at least you know that you are working with quality. We simply believe in excellence when putting forth a public image. It reflects upon us and it reflects on you.


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Keywords: Internet Connection, pc repair, Using A Computer