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$20 per walk. Each additional dog per household $10.

Dogs are picked up then driven in a safe, well-ventilated vehicle to off leash dog park for an hour of off-leash playtime with dogs in their playgroup. Dogs can chase the ball or run around with their friends. You can be certain that they will get the exercise they require. When playtime is over, the dogs are given water then transported back to their home.

$40 per walk. Subject to availability. Dogs are walked in their neighborhood for one hour. Perfect for dogs with severe behavioral problems (Aggression, Pulling on leash, Jumping up and Chasing etc.)

$30 per day. We pick them up from your home before morning pack walks(9 a.m), they play like crazy, then we drop them off after the second(4 p.m), tired and happy. Great for dogs who love to run, wrestle or who needs more attention and execise!. As we only accept a very small number of dogs at one time we are able to give our "clients" lots of individual attention. Space is extremely limited! Dogs will not be kenneled!!!

$30 (Live out sitting - 2 daily visits), $40 (Over Night). Calgary Dog provides two dog sitting options to best fit you needs. The first, known as Live out sitting, allows your dog to receive the superior level of care, love and attention you expect from Calgary Dog while remaining in the comfort of your home. It is an optimal choice for puppies, older dogs or special needs cases. Our second option is an 'In-home' boarding ($40) at our facility. Our facility becomes a home away from home for you dog.

$50 per session (up to 1 hour). We offer private Behavior Consultation for dogs with issues that will typically not be addressed in an obedience class. Understanding your dog¡¯s behavior will help you establish leadership in your home, communicate better with your dog and understand what your dog needs in order to be truly happy and fulfilled. Behavior is the foundation to developing a great relationship with your dog. Any issue may be addressed in a Behavior Consult, but more common problems include:
Aggression (towards family members, strangers, dogs or other animals)
Behavior Consults are scheduled individually and are usually held at the client¡¯s home. All household members are encouraged to attend.

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Keywords: dog, Dog Sitting

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