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By: Cain  09-12-2011

UX is ultimately about creating a series of experiences for your website visitors that drive interaction with them in order to achieve a specific action point. Getting users to arrive at that action point requires elegant design—driven by well-planned site mapping that aligns to your business platform and satisfies the user’s mission. People today don’t want their time wasted and expect a web experience that helps them quickly solve their problem with the least frustration.

Digital technology today provides a deep and rich palette for our UX designers to create engaging and unique experiences, but we also evaluate uses of colors in proximity to each other and formulate use ratios to deliver an engaging and consistent interactive brand experience. Contact Cognitive One to learn more about our interactive services.

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Mobile Apps | Cognitive One

Costs for development are more modest that you would anticipate and the process can move from engagement to delivery in 30-90 day time frames. Cognitive One defines user engagement targets that drive UI designs to promote interactions at critical action points that drive revenue. PHP and Java as well as all major major mobile platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry,Windows 7 and Kindle.


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The cornerstone of any engagement has to be truth first, conviction to speak it and abandonment of ideology if it doesn’t fit the future as the best outcome. Here’s a quick Cognitive One ethos to consider as you make a determination of what to do, whom to trust and what’s the risk. Think of a brand not as an inanimate thing, but rather as a living creature with emotions and a past, present and future.


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The originality, approach and results of our creativity speaks for itself–and is reflected in our reputation for not just thinking outside the box, but crushing the box and ideating a new brand with a client that will use the recycled material. Print: identity systems, brochures, postcard, print collateral, copywriting, custom photographyID: Brand naming, logo, color and fonts, audio and visual cues.