Web Design, Development, Consulting Services

By: C Seven  09-12-2011

Strategic Web Planning

You need a website that makes sense to your clients and keeps them coming back. Our web plan service will get you there

 This service includes:

  1. Initial analysis: We analyze your needs, share ideas and develop timelines
  2. Content: We review current content and help you redevelop content if needed
  3. Usability: We decide the best way to present info to your targets using the right site structure, site map and messaging
  4. Mobile strategy: Almost 50% of your target is reading your website from their mobile. We help you with your mobile strategy

Technical & Development

Your clients deserve a dependable, fast-loading site every time

These services include:

  1. Custom development: Our proprietary CMS includes lots of built in components, but if your needs are complex, our programmers will create easy, dependable applications that give your clients exactly what they want
  2. SEO / Analytics Reporting & Consulting: Your target can’t hire you if they can’t find you. Our affordable SEO report will tell you what you need to be found on Google, and our SEO professionals will configure your website to get you there
  3. SEO maintenance: It's a challenge that requires ongoing attention. We’ll make sure that your clients can always find you no matter what changes Google makes
  4. On-going maintenance and monitoring: We keep your eye on your business and your website. Things change and we want your website to do everything your clients need today or 24 months from today


Your clients want usability and sleek design; with c-Seven, you get both

These services include:

  1. Design: We design sleek, intuitive sites that your target market will appreciate. Your website will look great and work great
  2. Digital Marketing: You need the right look and feel for your online ads and media kits. We know what works - and what doesn’t - when you’re investing in online advertising
  3. Visual Identity: Our designers will work with you to develop your logo and corporate brand. We’ll also make sure that your website, business cards, social media feeds and brochures tell the same story