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By: C Change Surgical  09-12-2011
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It will take the uncertainty out of surgical fluids. IntraTemp defines the new standard of care in portable controlled-temperature for irrigation and lavage fluids. Instead of warming fluids away from where you are using them, IntraTemp is completely mobile, allowing for a more efficient way to guarantee the correct temperature to your patients. It puts temperature control where you need it, when you need it and provides chartable data. Reduce risk for your patients and stress for your staff.

Seldom does the opportunity present itself which allows you to satisfy your staff while adding extra safety and warmth for your patients. IntraTemp truly allows you to share the warmth and the care.
Procedural delays become a thing of the past when IntraTemp controls, maintains and displays irrigating and lavage fluid temperatures in the
sterile field.
"I'd use your fluid controller on every one of my abdominal or scope cases…my irrigating fluid is never warm when I need it." (1) "You have got to see my head nurse about this! My irrigating fluid is never warm during my C Sections and it drives me crazy. All of my patients wind up cold and shivering like crazy at the end of the procedure." (3)"I'm as worried about fluids being too hot as too cold." (3)Best practice becomes your practice when IntraTemp provides you with fluid temperature data at the time of use for charting."The scrub person needs to be aware of the irrigation temperature before he or she transfers the solution to the surgeon."- AORN Journal June 2005 (4)"Once this measured solution temperature data becomes available and is charted, it'll become standard of care." (5)"Doing all the little things right and being able to prove it is increasingly important. Solution temperature isn't known now when it's used on patients and that's not truly safe…this is a part of a big coming issue that will involve JCAHO…" (6)Increase your efficiency and lower your risk as IntraTemp warms an "extra" supply of fluids."Not having to worry about rushing out of my room for fluid will keep the surgeons happier and keeps the focus on … the patient."(7)IntraTemp organizes your tools while warming fluids; it’s a mobile “intelligent" procedure table."Improvements requiring little to no change are the easiest moves to make for a clinician - you're going to have very wide acceptance with this product." (8)"One concern surgeons have with sterile solutions is proper identification at the time of use. Improving the identification and organization of our fluids and the tools we use with them is a very smart idea." (9) to see more pictures of the IntraTemp machine.
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Keywords: Fluids, Irrigating, Lavage Fluid, Temperature, Temperature Control,