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By: Buyer's Reality  09-12-2011
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Managing the performance of your team is essential to your company’s success, and we’re here to help. Buyer’s Reality is a full service performance management company specializing in Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Hotels, Rental Cars, Fitness Centers, Retail Centers and many more. Our experienced staff will customize a program to fit you needs and identify your Buyer’s Reality.

Video Mystery Shops
Professional mystery shoppers pose as customers and capture their entire experience on video and audio to give a complete, true picture of your team’s performance.

Video Role Plays
We are available to role play with your team while capturing it on video to sharpen skills and prepare them for your real customers.

Video Competition Shops
Need to know what your competition is doing? We are happy to perform video mystery shops on competitors, as long as they are not current clients of Impact Marketing. We protect your trade secrets.

Post-visit Follow-up Tracking
Do your sales people follow up after buyers have left? We track emails and voicemails for a week after the shop and forward the results to you. Voicemail recordings will come in an audio format.

Video Pre-Hire Interview Shops
Want to assess the skill level of a prospective sales superstar? We are happy to perform a video mystery shop on them, as long as they are not current clients of Impact Marketing.

Phone Shops
Our shoppers will call your sales centers to determine the phone skills of your team. Phone shops are completed in full audio recording includes scoring. Find out if your team is missing opportunities to increase business and learn ways to help them improve!

Internet Shops
Our shoppers will contact your Online Sales Consultants via the internet.  All correspondence is monitored and delivered to you along with an evaluated scorecard to help identify strengths and weaknesses.

Sales Assessment
Psychology based testing to define and overcome areas of sales reluctance. This can be used to pre-screen candidates or bring out the potential of your current sales team.

Superior Customer Service
Our team is readily available to assist you through the process in order to help you achieve the result you are looking for. We are thorough in our communication to ensure we have the most up to date information and special instructions for your organization.

Customized Score Card Building
All videos are scored at our Central Division office by skilled scorers to maintain consistency and objectivity. You are welcome to use our scorecards as is, alter it, or provide your own.

Reality Check Registration Surveys
This is a post visit interview survey to determine the guest’s perception of their experience with your organization. The results are compiled and presented in a summary format and reflect why they did or did not purchase as well as their perception of their overall experience.

Interactive Scorecard with Streaming Video
Access your shops from anywhere over the internet! Our Interactive Scorecard will allow you to go directly to specific points in the shop that correspond with your scorecard with a click of your mouse!

Integrated Report Building
Access detailed shop history, compare data, sharpen skills, focus training… the possibilities are endless, and made easy for you!

Data Storage & Archival
All shops will be available online for a generous period of time. In addition, there is no charge to download your videos to your computer. You can easily keep a DVD archive by burning copies of your shops to DVD’s if your computer has the capability.

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