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Travel Kit
is exactly that, a convenient way to carry BUGSLIDE cleaner, polish and bug remover with you while you travel. 

The BUGSLIDE Travel Kit consists of:
     One 4oz bottle of BUGSLIDE
     One premium Micro-Fiber
Polishing Cloth     
Item# TK-1
$8.00 + Shipping

16 oz Spray Bottle Kit Same superior formula, just in a convenient 16 oz spray bottle.  Excellent for deep cleaning and polishing all of your vehicles.  Simply spray a small amount onto a micro-fiber cloth and wipe over the surface to be cleaned, then buff to a beautiful shine.  BUGSLIDE may be sprayed directly on the vehicle, especially when removing hard bug residue.  When removing bugs with BUGSLIDE in the spray form, we recommend removing the bug residue in a timely manner; before they become cemented to the surface. The BUGSLIDE Spray BottleKit consists of:
     One 16 oz. Spray Bottle of BUGSLIDE
     One Premium Micro-Fiber Cloth
Item # SB-16
$20.00 + Shipping

BUGSLIDE 32 oz Refill Bottle Save money on the large 32 oz  refill bottle.  Refill your 16 oz or 4 oz travel bottles. No need to ever run out.
Item# RB-32
$35.00 + Shipping

Here's a chance to save some money.   When sold separately, these products cost $63.00, but when purchased in our value pack you only pay $49.00.  That's a $14.00 savings!  The BUGSLIDE Saver Pack consists of:
1- 4 oz BUGSLIDE Travel Bottle
1- 16 oz BUGSLIDE Spray bottle
1- 32 oz  BUGSLIDE Refill Bottle
2- Premium Micro-Fiber Cloths
Item# SVP-3
$49.00 + Shipping

BUGSLIDE Super Saver Pack Here you go folks, the whole banana.  The Super Saver Pack is our best value.  When sold separately these products cost $83.00, but sold in the Super Savers Pack you get it all for only $65.00.  That's a savings of $18.00!  Look at all you get! The BUGSLIDE Super Saver Pack consist of:
1- 4oz BUGSLIDE Travel Bottle
1-14oz BUGSLIDE Areosal Can
1-16oz BUGSLIDE Spray Bottle
1- 32oz BUGSLIDE Refill Bottle 
2- Premium Micro-Fiber Cloths     
Item# SSP-4
$65.00 + Shipping

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