Servicing Long Island since 2005. Repairs, upgrades, & all IT services for residential customers &small businesses

By: Bug Hunter Computer Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Recovery, Hard Drives, wireless network

Servicing Long Island since 2005. Repairs, upgrades, & all IT services for residential customers &small businesses.

Below are most of our services, along with a quick explanation.  If you don't think what you're looking for is in this list, just call us, and we'll see how we can help you.

Service Description
Backup Systems Never lose your data again.  Let us install an automated, affordable centralized backup system for all of the PCs in your home.
Data Back-Up
(One Time)
We'll backup your data to optical media or USB flash drives for you.  This is a one-time backup.
Data Destruction Don't throw away that computer without having us perform a secure data destruction process to the hard drive.  Doing so eliminates any possible data theft.
Data Recovery Did you delete data that you didn't mean to, or did a virus delete data?  We can get that data back for you.
Windows OS Installations Installations (or reinstallations) of any Windows OS on new or existing hard drives, as well as upgrades to Windows 7 from Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Hardware Installations We can install your printer, scanner, Mp3 player, or other device.
Hardware Upgrades Do you need a better video card, or the installation of a larger hard drive? We can install that for you.
New Computer Setup Did you get that new PC, but you don't know how to setup, secure, or configure your new computer in your home or office?  We can setup your new system so you can be on your way toward fast computing!
Parental Controls Are your children online too much, and you want to limit their computer or Internet usage? We can install specific software that limits access and usage rights of users you select.
Remote Helpdesk Support Did you know that some problems can be fixed remotely?  Our remote assistance service is convienenct, easy, and affordable.
Spyware/Malware Removal Is your computer running slow with popups?  You probably have a malware infection.  We'll remove the infection for you and get your computer running healthy - as good as new!
System Repair Does your computer not turn on at all, or may be an optical (DVD) drive not working properly?  We'll diagnose and repair or replace the broken parts.
System Tune-Ups A properly tuned computer is essential for performance and stability.  Our tune-ups cover your PCinside and out, physical cleaning/dusting, and cleaning of you computer's hard drive for optimum performance.
Virus/Trojan Removal Long boot times, popups, or other weird behavior?  You might have a virus infection.  Call us, and we'll remove it!
Do you want a website, or your own domain name such as  Personalize your Internet prescence, by getting a domain name today.  We'll set you up completely!
Wireless Audits Are you running a wireless network, but you have no idea if you enabled security properly?  Or perhaps you want a wireless "guest network" seperated from your main wireless network. We can do both for you.
Wireless Networking Do you need a wireless network setup or expansion for your home or office? We can cover your entire home/property with wireless.
Wireless Troubleshooting Did you setup a wireless network and it's not working, or not working all of the time? Call us, and we'll bring the tools to diagnose it.

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Other products and services from Bug Hunter Computer Services


data recovery

When manufacturers increase the storage space on their hard drives, it then makes it so the mechanical operation of that hard drive needs to be that much better. Due to a costly and sometimes difficult retrieval process, we recommend a proactive backup solution of data, rather than an reactive data retrieval process.


data destruction

Small businesses, or businesses in the field of finance and healthcare, may be required to securely delete the hard drives as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or other federal, state or local laws. If you're giving your computer to a family member, we can perform a military-grade hard drive format, so that all prior data on it is erased, and any traces of you are completely removed.


data backup

A hard drive is one of the devices in a computer that has its own internal moving parts, so the possibility of breakdown is higher compared to that of a specific part with no internal moving parts, like your RAM. This device stores all of the data on your computer, including the operating system, programs/applications, and your documents, music, photos, movies, and so on.



We'll help you buy the right PC so you keep within budget, and buy the proper components for your needs. Reinstallation of any Windows OS, as well as upgrades to Windows 7 from Windows XP and Windows Vista. We'll come to your location and do a full site security audit and tell you what needs attention. We stock products from several vendors, and we offer affordable installation rates remotely.



No matter what the requirements are, we always recommend automated scheduled backups of data, and then a less-frequent backup to rewritable DVDs depending upon the nature and size of the data being stored. It's Sunday night, 9 PM. You're in the process of paying your bills online when your computer starts to act a bit weirdly, and you hear a bad grinding noise coming from inside the computer.


data duplication

When we're done, we'll deliver your originals and the duplicated media to you, or return them to you via mail with a traceable delivery service, such as UPS Ground. We'll pickup your master/original CDs or DVDs at no charge, or you can mail them to us at no charge via a prepaid media mailer that we'll send you. Note that if your DVD player does not play burned optical media, any Windows-based PC with a DVD drive will play the content.