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Here's the scenario: It's Sunday night, 9 PM.  You're in the process of paying your bills online when your computer starts to act a bit weirdly, and you hear a bad grinding noise coming from inside the computer.  Your computer freezes, and upon a reboot, you receive the error message "Missing Operating System".  This is when your heart sinks.  Why?  A grinding noise from a hard drive represents hardware failure.  There is a good chance that your hard drive failed, and that you may have lost some or all of your data.  And you never had a backup plan.

We want to make sure you never get that feeling, and to make sure that those who had that feeling, never get it again.

We can explain to you what type of backup plan would best fit your home or home-office.  No matter what the requirements are, we always recommend automated scheduled backups of data, and then a less-frequent backup to rewritable DVDs depending upon the nature and size of the data being stored.

If you have a home network (if you have a router then you have a home network), we can recommend and install an automated backup system to protect your documents, music, and irreplaceable photos.  We can recommend and install backup systems from the absolute simplest most modest system, to something a little more automated and user-friendly for the multi-user/multi-machine or data sensitive environment.

Alternatively, an on-line, third party backup system might be something that better fits your needs.  We don't provide those services, but other companies do.  These companies generally charge a monthly or yearly fee for a set amount of on-line storage space for you to use.  Do a Google search for "online backup", and see if any of those services meet your needs.

Lastly, if you're a multi-PC family or environment, and you need multiple computers backed up, along with the potential to stream movies, TV or movies, we have an entirely different solution for that.  While more expensive, the value and reliability is higher.  More specifically, we're talking about Windows Home Server (WHS).  If you're in a household with 3 or more PCs, or if you'd like to be able to do some really cool stuff with your network, contact us for information.  We'll explain all of the goodies to you!

We just ask that whatever you pick, us or someone else, that you find a solution for the backup of your data.  Data recovery, whether from accidental deletion or hard drive damage, is expensive and labor intensive.  We'd always prefer the customer have a backup system in place, rather than a file recovery service in the event of an issue.

Please call us for a quote for a backup system that fits your needs.

Note: We install, test, and validate the backup system at the time of service to make sure the system is working as designed.  We then instruct you how to do backups manually, and/or watch the automated process to make sure it's working properly and notice it needs adjustment.  It is up to the end-user to ensure that the backups continue to work on the agreed-upon schedule, as many factors out of our control can interrupt the backup process.  In no way will Bug Hunter Computer Services be responsible for any data loss.  Upon installation, we test and confirm that your backup jobs are executing as designed, and it is then the customer's responsibility to ensure the jobs continue to work.  We will give you the tools and the knowledge to get you comfortable with the process so that you can recognize when something needs modification or adjustment.

Keywords: Backup Systems, Computer Repair, Computer Services, Hard Drive, storage space

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Small businesses, or businesses in the field of finance and healthcare, may be required to securely delete the hard drives as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or other federal, state or local laws. If you're giving your computer to a family member, we can perform a military-grade hard drive format, so that all prior data on it is erased, and any traces of you are completely removed.


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