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By: Bug Busters Pest  09-12-2011
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 Roaches, Ants & Other Bugs

We do an intensive inspection, followed by treating with Baits, Gels, and Sprays safely and effectively. Integrated Pest Management is an integral part of clearing up any pest situation. Our technicians are trained to educate the customer with preventative measures. -INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT. (IPM)


Rodents; Mice & Rats

Traps and Baits are placed safely and strategically after a careful inspection is performed. The customer is educated on the why an how to help with the solution. - IPM

Flea Control

Flea control must cover all bases- The pet, house, yard, and sometimes even the car. Safe, effective products are used to eliminate all adult fleas immediately. The residuals will continue to work as eggs hatch. Vacuuming is a must. - IPM  

Termite Control

The presence of a swarm is the 1st noticeable sign of a termite infestation, as well as termite tubes, tunnels, or damaged wood. Most control Jobs consists of applying an approved termicide barrier around the perimeter of a structure. Each treatment in itself is different, depending on construction, and type of house.  

Termite Inspection

Trained expert will do a careful step by step inspection of the premises for any signs of a wood destroying infestation. He will prepare a WOOD DESTROYING INSECT -(WDI) report for the purposes of a VA, FHA, or a Conventional Real Estate transaction.  

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Keywords: Pest Control