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By: Bsi Entropy  09-12-2011
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The Incident Management Workflow manages all incidents, from workplace injuries to environmental spills through to quality deficiencies, security holes and supply chain breaches. It provides a comprehensive set of features for documenting, reporting and investigating injuries and incidents.

The injuries and investigation feature enables the implementation, tracking and reporting of preventive and corrective actions and provides automatic notification of overdue tasks, actions, investigations and mandatory reporting requirements.

With a customizable interface and standard UK and US regulatory reports for RIDDOR, OSHA and MSHA reporting, the Incident Management Workflow provides all that is necessary to prove and significantly improve the management of incidents across your business.

Senior managers and directors can report with confidence and be certain that all the information necessary to reduce lost time, costs, penalties, litigation and reduce the risk to brand, reputation and directors’ criminal liability is available. This is ensured through automatic approval and verification features; powerful root cause analysis tools; and reporting for Health & Safety statistics such as lost time, IFR (Injury Frequency Rate), IIR (Injury Incident Rate) and SR (Severity Rate).

Key Benefits

  • Reduce incidents costs, fines, penalties and disruption
  • Reduce incidents and protect brand and reputation
  • Provide instant dashboard visibility of corporate-wide incidents data
  • Improve response time to incident prevention
  • Report incidents and investigation information consistently across your business
  • Compare incidents data across sites, business units or your entire business
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of corrective and preventative actions management
  • Provide instant and automatic reporting of key metrics

Keywords: supply chain

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