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By: Bruarfoss  09-12-2011
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At Brúarfoss we believe the quality of our water assets, combined with our ability to effectively bring fresh products to market, will allow us to address the shortages of potable water in the world - and bring solutions to a crisis predicted by ALL experts in the global water industry. The purity of our water provides not only obvious taste benefits, but also performance characteristics that are attractive to users of water as a key input to their products. Our water is nature’s gift for all generations to come. 


Strong growth rates continue in global bottled water consumption, especially at the premium end of the category. Import bottled water sales have increased 25% annually for five consecutive years. ICEIS™ Still and ICEIS™ Sparkling are a new dimension in the imported water category, - the Ultra-Premium upscale import from the cleanest environment on earth, Iceland.


Icelandic Life Source maximizes the body’s immune protection against colds, flu, and other bacterial and viral illnesses, including respiratory infections and contagious diseases.


Our product line of Volcano Drinks and Beer are tangibly luxurious, distilled from the absolute best ingredients, utilizing state-of-the-art distillation and filtration methods and mixed with incredibly pure, low mineral content water - from Iceland.


Mate drinks are a unique marketing approach to bind athlete with product branding. And, we have developed four exciting, proven flavors to enhance the drinking experience. Mate drinks will command retail sales, fund raising opportunities, and internet sales. Sports participation is a major part of the life experience. Sportsmen and women endear themselves to their sport, and products that are associated with their sport of choice. Mate drinks have trademarked ten individual brands to appeal to the athletes participating in that sport our first product is  HockeyMATE. Mate drinks key ingredient is pristine Iceland Glacial Spring water with ionic minerals and key electrolytes to boost energy, replenish the cells, and invigorate the athlete.


Manufacturers using water as a key ingredient / input are actively looking for ways to (i) decrease input costs and (ii) expand and / or improve their ability to market existing or new products. Our water shipments range from 24,000 liter flexi-tank bladders in freight containers to pallet packs of 1,100 liters, and even smaller if needed.


Large bulk sales using Panamax and Suez Class tankers filled with water enable the greatest volume of water to be shipped accross the world. Bruarfoss’ second bulk format addresses the needs of nations and humanitarian aid worldwide.HUMANITARIAN

Joint venture relationship with charitable organizations or non-government organizations will be managed via a business model consistent with other commercial arrangements, but with a very special market segment focus.  Key, reputable organizations in target regions have already been approached.  The Bruarfoss business model appeals to various organizations based on their regionally oriented ‘charter’. 

Keywords: Mate Drinks

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Harvested in the wilderness of the West-Fjords, IceIs has been naturally filtered through layers of bedrock over centuries. IceIs™ is an Ultra-Premium Water Brand with a broad consumer appeal due to its unique origin and taste. The area is forever untouched by human habitation and the source provides artisan water year-round.



Despite its name referring to Hockey, it is intended for consumption during or before any physically active occasion - as are the other five sports drinks manufactured by Brúarfoss; SportsMate™, FitnessMate™, RunningMate™, RugbyMate™ and SoccerMate™. HockeyMate™ is the first of our six flavored non-carbonated sports drinks formulated to rehydrate and replenish fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes.


Life Source

The primary ingredient of LifeSource™ is Wellmune™ which received the 2007 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award at the Institute of Food Technologist’s. With Wellmune as its key ingredients, LifeSource™ has broad regulatory approval under regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. ILifeSource™ is Icelandic Functional Water, enhanced to engage your immune cells to recognize and destroy foreign challenges.



Volcano Beer is brewed with Icelandic water as a key ingredients to achieve its unique Icelandic taste and quality. Volcano Vodka is filtered through lava rocks and charcoal to give it a mild velvety taste and smooth aroma. The uniqueness of Icelandic IceIs Water is a major contributor to quality vodka and beer. Volcano Drinks ehf is a subsidiary of Bruarfoss ehf. The primary ingredients in any drink is water.