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By: Brown Sound Audio  09-12-2011
Keywords: sound design, Pro Tools, Audio Post Production

Brown Sound Audio uses industry leading equipment to create a professional product. Editing and mixing with Digidesign’s Pro Tools, we can create virtually anything your project requires.

Frustrated with the audio quality in your project?

We can use our skills and experience to drastically improve any recording, and show you why audio post production is essential for your business to be taken seriously. Looking to add some missing elements to your project? Brown Sound Audio has a huge library of sound effects as well as in depth experience with sound design to create that final touch.

Music is one of the most important elements to any production.

Composers Jon Lebrun and Butch Gerald have the ability to take your ideas and bring them to life through their versatility and musical creativity. Even if you aren’t quite sure what it is you are looking for, Jon and Butch can use their experience to suggest something that will compliment your production. After all the elements are in place, we will create a final mix to complete your project, guaranteed to impress your audience and attract attention to your business.


Below is a complete list of services that Brown Sound Audio can offer:

Voice-over Recording
We give special attention to recording the voice-over because this is quite often what sells your product to your audience. Using an acoustically treated voice-over booth, as well as top of the line microphones, we will capture the best possible tone from the voice-over talent. With years of experience, including recording voice-overs for Canada’s #1 television network (CTV), we will direct and coach your talent into delivering their best possible performance.

Dialogue Editing

One of the most important elements in any project. Whether it’s narration or on screen dialogue, we will dedicate the time to make it sound the way it should. Using equalization, compression and other techniques, we will drastically improve the recording to make it clear and consistent.

Sound Editing
It is very common to edit the location sound and reduce unwanted noise from the original recording. Using masking techniques and equalization, we will clean up any unnecessary audio that could be interfering with the overall sound. Our mission is to have your business taken seriously, which can be difficult if these unwanted elements are not removed. After the sound editing is complete, the project will be able to breathe, allowing the dialogue in your production to get through to your audience in a clear and convincing manner.

Sound Design
With access to thousands of sound effects and sound design tools, we can add anything and everything to your project that it may be missing. This is also a key element to having your project sound professional and believable.

Music Composition
Easily one of the most important and identifiable elements to any production. A project isn’t complete without music; a key part to defining the mood and feeling in your message. If you require original scoring, composers Jon Lebrun and Butch Gerald have all of the tools and resources to bring your project to life.

The final stage to completing any project. This is where we will bring all of the elements together and perfect the audio so that it sounds just the way you envisioned it.

Keywords: Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, sound design