Integrated social media marketing & viral marketing

By: Bronto  09-12-2011

Facebook's 500 million+ users spend an average 14 minutes per day on the site. Twitter counts more than 100 million users and adds a million more every 3 days. Social networks are not only where people spend much of their online time, but they are where consumers engage with brands as well as connect with others about those brands.

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Award-Winning Technical Support | Bronto Software

Our customers also recognize the value of the services we provide - outstanding customer service is cited as an important reason why 93% of our clients would recommend us to other businesses. We are proud to have earned multiple industry awards for services, including the 2009 & 2010 Stevie Award for Best Customer Service.


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Use dynamic content to send highly personalized communications that engage your contacts, drive transactions, and lead to repeat purchases. It's a master marketing database which then serves as the basis for advanced segmentation, targeting, and relevant messages. Easily create and execute targeted cross-channel marketing campaigns.


Mobile, Text Message and SMS Marketing

For retailers and other commerce marketers, mobile has become too important to overlook, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your marketing plans. Over 91% of the U.S. population has a mobile phone and usage continues to skyrocket. Many people prefer the immediacy and interactivity of mobile or SMS.


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The Bronto Marketing Platform gives retailers the ability to orchestrate campaigns across,, and channels. Marketers need to stay relevant throughout the buying lifecycle in order to drive transactions. Turning shoppers into buyers and buyers into loyal customers is all about engagement. The power to drive revenue.