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By: Broadvox  09-12-2011
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Broadvox has a wide range of VoIP/   products to satisfy the needs of any size business, from small to medium size businesses to contact centers, enterprises and carriers. In 2001 Broadvox entered the VoIP market with wholesale products targeting carriers ILECs, CLECs, ASPs, and ISPs. In 2007 Broadvox announced its retail offering, the GO! products. Since then the retail offering has been expanded to include broadband, MPLS, hosted PBX and Business Communications suite.  Below you will find a list of SIP Products that offer savings of up to 70% over the cost of traditional TDM services.  

A GO!Anywhere SIP Trunk offers unlimited local calling with long distance calling in the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada. Referred to as the “Universal SIP Trunk”, GO!Anywhere works with IP PBXs, TDMPBXs or legacy CPE and is certified interoperable with an extensive list of business IP PBXs and Unified Communications solutions. Optional features are available with GO!Xtrasadd-ons.

GO!Local SIP Trunking includes unlimited local calling at a price point far below traditional TDM POTS lines. Along with the other options available with GO!Xtras, long distance calling can be pre-purchased in discounted minute bundles or customers can pay low per minute rates for calls.  

GO!Domestic is the BroadvoxSIP Trunk discounted bundled minutes of long distance product. The long distance bundles cover the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada. One toll-free number is included with the purchase of GO!Domestic. A key feature of GO!Domestic is unlimited concurrent call sessions (CCS). The number of CCSs is limited only by the available bandwidth or PBX capacity. A GO!Domestic SIP Trunk can be shared across a multiple locations. Product options are described under GO!Xtras.

GO!Xtras product options expand the flexibility of each of the GO! SIP Trunking products listed above. The available options include are an Enhanced DID (EDID); a DID with E911, eXtra Toll-Free numbers (XTF), Local Number Portability (LNP) and Calling Name (CNAM) lookup and delivery service.  Checkout what options are available for your Broadvox SIP Trunks.

GO!Broadband is designed to support the connectivity requirements for any size business and is available nationwide. Connectivity includes DSL, , Bonded T1s, , and . However, with Broadvox, companies can use their existing broadband with the purchase of GO! SIP Trunking products. The existing service must meet Broadvox’sQoS standards required to support VoIP. If customers wish to upgrade their broadband or change broadband providers, Broadvox will customize a solution to meet their needs.

Keywords: Business communications, Distance Calling, Hosted Pbx, Sip Trunking, Small To Medium Size Businesses, Unlimited Local Calling

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GO!VBX Managed delivers a fully managed business communications network from the handset to the cloud and eliminates the up-front cost, complexity and time required to build and maintain a custom, premise based PBX infrastructure. Choose GO!VBX Managed for a comprehensive solution that includes not only the virtual PBX, but also delivers LAN services, and routers - all at a fixed monthly price.


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Broadvox is THE New Generation Global Carrier, providing interconnections via public Internet with VPN and intelligent packet routing; physical connectivity in seven major cities; private Gigabit Ethernet and MPLS-supported Fast Ethernet; and Public Internet Peering. In addition, Local Tandem Services enable simple, efficient, protocol agnostic network interconnections in order to ensure end point accessibility.


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Broadvox has a wide range of VoIP/SIP Trunking products to satisfy the needs of any size business, from small to medium size businesses to contact centers, enterprises and carriers. Deliver free unlimited local calling and discounted toll-free. For a full SIP trunking overview.