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By: Brite Global  09-12-2011


Rapidly Create SharePoint Solutions Without Code

You don’t need to be a programmer to use the building blocks in SharePoint 2010. Even without code, you can create highly customized sites and solutions: Share Microsoft Visio diagrams and Microsoft Access databases. Use Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft InfoPath to design solutions based on workflows and forms. You’ll be surprised by how many of your business challenges can be resolved with a code-free solution.

Unlock the Value of Your Company’s Data

With SharePoint 2010 Composites, you can work with data from other systems as if it lived in SharePoint. Create, read, update, delete, and search the data using external lists. Work with it online in a browser or in Microsoft Office. Can’t get connected? Use Microsoft SharePoint Workspace to work offline and synchronize your changes when you reconnect.

Maintain Control over End-User Solutions

SharePoint 2010 Composites helps you centralize and manage business solutions so that your people can get their jobs done and you can save time and effort. For example, you can:

  • Centralize Access databases and Excel workbooks and deploy them from SharePoint.
  • Provide controlled access to company data.
  • Deploy safe Sandbox Solutions to SharePoint without risking the health of the platform.
  • Use the time and effort you saved to focus on higher IT priorities.

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We then proceed to modeling the business requirements and data, using key database components, and lastly diving into the physical design, which involves mapping the logical system design into phsycial media, taking advantage of the hardware and software features. Our database design process for tailored applications starts with a high-level conceptual design, understanding the core business requirements and the top-level entities.


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The Quickstart for SMB solution will enable you to visualize and analyze all you data, align CRM with your unique business needs with easy to use customizations, experience CRM is a familiar and easy to use environment, manage security. CRM Quickstart for SMB is an all-in-one solution that will help your organization manage your customers and improve your processes more efficiently.


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Whatever the need your are looking for is: a simple one-page designs for event registration to fully automated product catalogs with hundreds of thousands of products downloaded directly to your customer’s computer, Brite Global has developed and delivered some of the most innovative and comprehensive ecommerce software solutions on the web today.


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Our team of Certified Developers and Specialists have success time after time with our unique approach for custom development projects, giving advantages and lower operational costs to our customers. It enables companies to be more efficient and flexible in their internal operations, work closer with their vendors, and be more responsive to the needs of their customers.


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A tried-and-tested success at thousands of companies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to effortlessly build more profitable relationships with your customers and prospects — delivering performance where other systems fall short. Dynamics fits the way you work — integrating easily with your existing systems, including Microsoft Office, while wrapping around processes such as your current sales cycle.


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Brite Global offers a wide variety of services that will enable you and your organization to achieve the demanding technical requirements that will best suit your business in the most constructive and resourceful manner. Our objective is to provide you with an outstanding engagement, reduce project risks, and deliver the most suitable business benefits quickly, and all of this of course the best ROI.