BrightMove Products and Solutions | Recruiting Software, Staffing Software and Applicant Tracking Software by BrightMove

By: Brightmove  09-12-2011
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BrightMove Products and Solutions | Recruiting Software, Staffing Software and Applicant Tracking Software by BrightMove

Founded in 2003, BrightMove is a leading provider of cutting edge recruiting software, onboarding software, and applicant tracking systems for Staffing, Corporate HR, and RPO Recruitment Outsourcing. Our completely SaaS talent acquisition platform enables our customers be to leaders in their respective industries while still being flexible and accessible from anywhere. Whether you use a Mac, PC, IPhone, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, we have you covered.

BrightMove Deliver™ for Staffing and Executive Search Firms

No other recruiting firm or recruiter provides your customers what you do. Brightmove recognizes that the staffing, recruiting and retained search space is one of the most diverse industries out there. Our singular goal is to identify how we can help you deliver and provide your unique service and delivery model to your customers while also helping you to grow your business. Staffing software should help you answer the following questions with a ”Yes” to your customers:

  • Are you able to find and reach only the best passive candidates?
  • Can you provide a shortlist of only the best and most qualified person for a job?
  • Are you able to find top talent quickly without giving up quality?
  • Can you save customers time and money with your process while still providing stellar service?

BrightMove Deliver™ for Staffing is built around the historical prerequisites of top staffing and recruiting software packages. BrightMove Deliver™ goes further, however.  Our tools are designed for the new age recruiter who is leveraging Web 2.0, resume database, and social networking, all real-time, and interchangeably. Passive candidates are found through your reputation, your networking, and the tool you use. Simply put, we believe in one tool that can do all these things through one interface, saving you valuable time that can be spent actually recruiting and servicing customers and candidates.

Here are a few things you can expect from BrightMove’s Deliver™ for Staffing

  • One search access to over 1100 resume sources
  • Single post functionality to 1000s of job boards
  • Search centric user interface for easily managing applicants
  • Applicant filtering tools that ensure you focus only on qualified leads
  • Configurable Concept Cloud search technology designed to streamline searching and evaluation of resumes

BrightMove Discover™ for HR

If you think top talent is coming to you, then you are not finding top talent for your company.

There is one universally accepted concept when it comes to top skilled talent in any industry. Top talent doesn’t need to look for a job, and they aren’t going to come to you. Staffing firms have lived under this philosophy for years. BrightMove Discover™ is SaaS recruiting software designed specifically for HR departments who want to find and hire only the best talent. We have all the functionality you expect in an enterprise applicant tracking software solution, but we have also incorporated some of the most advanced passive talent and social talent searching tools available in the industry.

Ask yourself the following questions, and if you answer “No” to any of them, let BrightMove show you how we can help.

  • Can you search multiple resume sites from within your recruiting platform?
  • Does your current system search over 4000 resume sources on the web for passive candidates?
  • Can you validate your search results within your conceptual searching engine?
  • Can you weight key concepts within every search or do you have to rely on your search engine?
  • Does your solution strictly adhere to OFCCP compliance requirements?

BrightMove Discover™ is designed for all companies, of all shapes and sizes. With our delivery options, we can provide enterprise class support and service tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help improve your Time to Productivity without charging unneeded and exorbitant fees in the process. We believe in the simple consultative approach to delivering true Web 2.0 recruitment solutions for you.

BrightMove Quantify™, The First True RPO Software and Recruiting Platform

Do you have a centralized management platform for your outsourcing customers?

Effectively manage and support your customers with BrightMove Quantify™. As an Outsourcing provider, one of your most daunting tasks is quantifying and delivering on customer expectations. If you answer “No” to any of the follow questions , then BrightMove Quantify™ is the right solution for you:

  • Do you have a solution that can report on your customer SLA’s in real time?
  • Can you move from customer to customer in real time and quickly identify customer needs from one dashboard?
  • Do you have a centralized sourcing resume pool that you can pull from directly within each customer?
  • Can you pull real time metrics across all of your customers?
  • Can you act real time on those metrics?

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) have quickly moved from cost reduction solutions to a key part of a company’s organizational effectiveness and performance. BrightMove understands this need and is one of the first organizations to design a solution specifically to address the needs of the Outsourcing community. BrightMove Quantify™ is an end to end outsourcing solution designed to help firms manage, measure, track, and support multiple customers and their specific service level needs. With BrightMove Quantify™ you have:

  • Configurable SLA dashboards for managing customer metrics and internal metrics.
  • One source customer management, allowing staff to quickly navigate in and out of customer installations.
  • Alerts and dashboard reports that allow recruiters to identify specific needs across all customers (requisitions, candidates, hiring managers that need attention) without being directly logged into that customer.
  • Centralized login management for all customers
  • Reporting to identify true Time to Hire that excludes customer specific times
  • Universal and Customer Specific Resume repositories allowing recruiting to search resume pools specific to the customer, or from a centralized pool of resumes.

BrightMove Quantify™ is the right solution for any Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm that can’t centrally manage their customers today!

With BrightMove, customers get a top product without having to be in a long term contract. We believe that as your vendor, we should own the relationsip. If you aren’t getting what you need from us, just give us 30 days notice and it is that simple. But BrightMove customers stay happy and we have maintained a better than 95% retention rate over the last 5 years.

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