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By: Brightmagnet  09-12-2011

We help businesses leverage the disruptive effects that the internet has on buyer behavior, to “get found” by more prospects shopping in their niche and to convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

Many businesses still have websites that behave like paper-based brochures, just sitting online. They are rarely updated, are not given significant visibility by the search engines, have low traffic levels, do not encourage social interaction and return visits, do not enable/track conversions, etc. Inbound marketing transforms static websites into social marketing machines that produce the right leads and help convert a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities.

We can help your company get found and dominate rankings on the web, convert prospects into buyers, and analyze in real time the effectiveness of your online revenue generation.

We use HubSpot and are proficient with it, and we help some clients leverage the remarkable benefits of this platform. We can also help you succeed at inbound marketing with another inbound marketing platform, or without one.

During some months, we may concentrate on a specific part of inbound marketing, like converting your traffic to visitors by setting up landing pages.

At other times, we may recommend to concentrate on your brand getting found and getting higher traffic:

  • Writing blog articles, optimizing them for on-page SEO and publishing them
  • Setting up and monitoring accounts on relevant social media sites and starting to build a network for sharing content
  • Promoting blog articles on relevant social media and industry sites and engaging with relevant influencers
  • Monitoring and responding to social media mentions using our social media monitoring tools

Or we may recommend to concentrate on converting your traffic into leads:

  • Researching and creating a downloadable whitepaper or ebook to capture the interest of your prospects and build trust
  • Creating some calls to action buttons and landing pages promoting the whitepaper or ebook and launching them on your website
  • Creating lead nurturing campaigns for your new leads
  • Researching and identifying the most qualified leads

Or it may be time to:

  • Refresh your strategy, offer and campaign to launch next month
  • Update your keyword research to identify new topics for content
  • Create or optimize pages to better describe your company’s products and services and convert traffic into leads
  • Write, optimize, publish and promote 2-4 blog articles based on these new keywords

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