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By: Bridget Gallagher's Fair Trade  09-12-2011
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Bridget Gallagher’s Fair Trade Company

Bridget Gallagher’s Fair Trade company works with companies that are certified by and affiliated with:

The International Federation of Alternative Trade

Transfair Canada

The Fair Trade Federation

The Fair Trade Labelling Organization

These are key internationally recognized authorities in Fair Trade certification for both cooperatives and products. Bridget Gallaghers Fair Trade Company works primarily with companies that belong to these groups, or are affiliated with other trustworthy groups; the U.N & the Catholic Churches in Africa for instance. They audit member cooperatives regularly and define the structure of Fair Trade.

Here are just a sample of the products we import

and sell to support the Fair Trade effort throughout the world.

Dancing Girls Created from recycled telephone wire

& old car parts in Kenya, Africa

Peace Dove ornaments Carved from lumps of

Coal & Tanga nuts [white] in northern Columbia.

Tibetan Prayer Flags block printed with the Wind Horse design. Attracts good fortune & prosperity

Buddha eye card. Made in Nepal by hand.

Maasai Bangles

Choose from a huge range of colours |

from orange to white, to black & blue!

Olive wood bowls hand carved in in Kenya of fallen wood. These bowls have a eductively smooth texture and each one is unique.

Paper Necklaces

Made In Kenya by TEMAK

[Teenage Mothers Acc. Of Kenya] from recycled magazine that are painstakingly rolled & threaded onto cording.

Traditional Salt Pot! Kenya

Carved from tree stumps

Peace Basket Rwanda

Woven in fine sisal this basket is about 3”tall. The lid open & a peace blessing is tucked into everyone. In bold red or white with green patterns. Made by women who have survived together through making handcrafts.

Party Animals Kenya

Carved in Kenya, they all have a pint on the table carved in the shape of Africa. The animals are about 5” tall .

Singing Bowls Nepal

Hold the bowl your open palm & rub the pallet along the outside of the rim gently. Each bowl has its own voice, and each person will bring a different tone forth. Used in ancient ceremonies by Buddhist monks to align energy & calm the soul. The curious vibrations of Singing Bowls have traveled across the Himalayas, along the Silk Road for millennia.


Carved by hand in Nepal of re-claimed wood.

They range from 6” to 12”

Tibetan Incense to cleanse the spirit

20 sticks/roll




Nag Champa-blue

Lined & Zippered Kiondos. Kenya

From beautiful African, pretty baubles

Keywords: Bowls

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