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By: Brainsell  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Software, Decade Of Experience

With more than a decade of experience in the evolving business software industry, we’ve learned that a one-size-fits-all technology solution doesn’t exist. A successful implementation requires a full and complete analysis of a company’s infrastructure, operations and business processes, and the tailoring of solutions that enhance the success and productivity of every member of a company.

Our methodology includes assessment, design, implementation, and training and support. By following this process we have made successful business solutions a reality for companies across the full spectrum of business and commerce.

We begin your project by analyzing and documenting your specific business requirements. We’ll review your infrastructure, operations and business processes as well as your long term strategy. Our goal is to make the software work the way you work.

Next, we create a blueprint that includes a functional specification and design documentation. In addition, a revised budget quotation and project schedule clearly defines the milestones, scope and timeline of the completed project.

During the design phase of your project we execute against the blueprint. This includes the development, customization and integration of additional requirements provided in the blueprint. Throughout the project, our team provides project reviews and defined revisions to maintain the assurance of receiving your vision.

Before going live with any software solution, we follow a formalized quality assurance process. During this stage we work closely with your pilot team to review each aspect of your project. This includes testing customizations, integrations, work flow and all other design requirements.

After testing has been completed and adjustments have been made following the quality assurance review, we rollout the completed system to your company in incremental phases that don’t interrupt your business flow and all for quick and easy adaption by employees.

Our involvement doesn’t end with roll out. During the project wrap-up phase, we receive feedback and discover any improvements we could make on the working system.

Training & Support
BrainSell recognizes training as a critical path to success. We offer both on-site and off-site training programs designed to ensure that the processes and technology we implement are easily adapted by the people who benefit from them. Customized training programs are also available.

Our team maintains the highest level of vendor certifications, reviews new and ever changing technologies and follow the most up to date industry best practices. We stand ready to work with you to make constant improvements and suggest future enhancements.

Keywords: Business Software, Decade Of Experience

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