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By: Boushakra Law Firm  09-12-2011

Our Services

We are a full service law firm dedicated to professional and business excellence. Our relationship with our clients is based on trust and confidentiality. We spend time carefully evaluating each case and working personally with our clients to provide them with quick and effective and efficient service. Our belief is our client's success is ultimately our own.

We can provide our clients assistance with all aspects of the Canadian Immigration process. This begins with the assessing of an individual, the processing of an application and the finalization of a successful case with very little effort on behalf of the client. Our role consists in assisting you throughout the immigration process from the preparation of your application to your actual landing in Canada.

We are here to help our clients overcome any obstacles they may encounter during the immigration process under any of the categories set by the Canadian or the Quebec Government i.e. Business Immigrants, Skilled Workers, Family Sponsorship or International Students. We ultimately have the legal expertise needed to guide our clients in undertaking and completing their application as effectively and as efficiently as possible.