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By: Bottoms Up Leash  09-12-2011
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How does the Bottom's Up Leash work?
The Bottom's Up Leash works by taking a portion of the weight off your pet's hind legs. Your cat/dog will still go through the walking motion, but you will be supporting a portion of their weight. The dog leash (dog harness) works a lot like a rock climbers harness. Click to view a of the Bottom's Up Leash.

What is the price of the dog leash (dog harness)?
The price of our dog leash is USD $34.95, plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable). We offer substantial quantity discounts to retailers, distributors, vet clinics, groomers, dog walkers, etc. Please call (800)805-2001 for additional information, or .

Does this dog leash / dog harness come in different sizes ?
Our dogleash fits dogs of all sizes. We have never had a problem with our leash not fitting a certain sized dog. If your dog weighs less than 25 pounds we recommend that you use the two slide clips that we will ship with your leash order. These slide clips are used to adjust the size of the leg loops to the desired size. We have many customers that have Lhasa Apsos and Daschunds and the leashes work great. Please click here for our product photo gallery which will illustrate how our leash might fit/look on your dog.

Do I need to use a "Front Leash" in addition to the Bottom's Up Leash ?
You do not have to, but some dogs are more comfortable with having both leashes. It will not affect results if you decide to use a front leash with your Bottom's Up Leash. The front leash acts as a guide.

Will the Bottom's Up Leash work if my dogs front legs are not stable?
No. Your dogs front legs will need to be stable in order to use our leash (dog harness).

My dog just had back surgery, will the Bottom's Up Leash help during the recovery period?
Many of our customers have successfully used our leash to support a portion of their dogs weight following back surgery.

Does the Bottom's Up Leash come in different colors?
No. Our Sheep Dog "Watson" looked great in red, so this is the only color we are producing at this time. We do not have any future plans to offer our dog leash / dog harness in any other colors.

Is it difficult to get my dog into the Bottom's Up Leash?
Absolutely not. Once the dog realizes this leash helps them walk, he/she will be eager to help you place it on them. It is easy as placing a head-end leash on an animal.

Will the Bottom's Up Leash chafe my dog's skin?
No. The Sheepy Sleeves (padded sleeves) which fit over the leg loops are made of Neoprene and are very soft. Our dog harness will not chafe your pet.

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Keywords: dog, Dog Harness, Sales Tax

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Dog Harness - Bottom's Up Leash

It allows the animal to perform bodily functions unencumbered, while being supported by a person who lifts a portion of the animal's weight at a 90-degree angle from the top of the back, in front of the tail area. The Bottom's Up Leash is a quality, 100% nylon, supportive rear end dog harness designed to assist animals with broken bones, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or any other skeletal or muscular problems.