By: Bordercheck  09-12-2011

Border Check

Get a free Border Check if you have not been stopped at the border 

This free border check can get you preapproved for getting a Fast or Nexus card. Why wait, once you have not been stopped while crossing the border, sign up and get preapproved for a Nexus Card if you frequently cross the border to enter the United States or get a Fast Card if you are a commercial trucker between the two countries and frequently cross the border.

Homeland Security Incident Report

Get a Homeland Security Incident Report if you were stopped at the border 

This report would indicate what Incidents are on the database of the Department of Homeland Security once you have been stopped at the border. This Incident report will provide information so that you can prepare in advance and not be detained, handcuffed or even deported. This report would allow you to know if you are on a no fly list, have outstanding traffic tickets and violations, warrants, and any other issue than can result in you not being able to enter and travel freely to the United States. Once you have been stopped at the border you should get a Homeland Security Incident Report.  

Homeland Security Incident Report   $95.00

Clear all US Fines 

Do you have unpaid speeding tickets or any other outstanding charges in the United States. Well in some states this is considered a criminal offence, and crossing the border can result in your arrest. Once you have these outstanding violations apply for a Border Check Clear all US Fines and let us take care of those charges for you. Do not hesitate, because this can affect you as you may end up going to jail for these violations, and having a criminal record. 

Clear all US Fines    $149.95

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