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By: Bookoffshore  09-12-2011 service features

  1. Privacy: When signing up an account with our , a bookmaker will immediately start to enjoy of more privacy and security that he could ever imagine. This is because we are an and play by the laws around gambling established in Costa Rica, the country where we are located, so when a bookmaker's client calls our call center, he will be betting under such offshore gambling laws. This prevents that the bookie gets caught taking bets onshore and releases him from such dangerous obligation.
  2. Innovative in-house : Since we believe that in order to be the best we need to remain a step beyond what other pph shops are doing, we gathered a group of masters in the computational area and gave the them the task of creating a that couldn't be compared to any other one out there, and the result is the that we currently offer to our clients which handles 17 different evaluative reports and it also grants the bookie the chance of checking on the activities of his customers, setting up wagering limits, etc

We are probably the only

which uses a power plant that is probably of the size of a school bus, this allows us to always be at the service of our clients no matter what the external energy-related circumstances are.

Casino pph betting games: This is an extra feature we have available to those bookies who want to obtain the earnings of their sports bettors’ casino activities; though it is 'extra' it is still a low



offshore bookmaker

solutions involves an individualized website: That's right, when a bookie signs up a deal with

, he will be granted a website which will be created according to the bookmaker's specifications, it includes web design and domain name, plus other features.