Structures de bois rond Harkins

By: Bois Rond Harkins  09-12-2011
Keywords: Posts, timber frame, Structural Soundness


For hundreds of years the Scandinavian log home has decorated many landscapes. Once a humble dwelling, today it has become a luxurious work of art. The construction techniques have been improved, the style has been refined and the quality has become outstanding. Warm and welcoming, this wooden sculpture offers the beauty of nature within your own home. Rustic yet elegant, environmentally friendly and completely exclusive, the Scandinavian log home built according to your specifications will overwh elm you by its charm and natural pine aroma.


By combining two log styles, round and square, in perfect harmony, the Scandinavian with posts style continually grows in popularity. Its contemporary design does not compromise the richness of its natural appearance. This design provides a truly unique type of dwelling.


Timber frame roof system, floor beams, posts, staircases, shelves, railings; our company has a wide variety of additions that can be introduced into the design of your home leaving you and your imagination with ample opportunity to customize your home. Keeping your satisfaction as our goal, we will work with you during the development of your plans making it possible for you to create a truly unique home that fulfills all your expectations.


With “Structures de bois rond Harkins”, every project is unique. Our Architectural Technologist will work closely with you to design the plans of your house. We are committed to creating a specific design to meet your specifications, while combining structural soundness and beauty.

Keywords: Posts, Structural Soundness, timber frame, Timber Frame Roof,