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By: Bointec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering, wireless network, Embedded System

With over then 10 years experience on embedded system engineering, we have a great team on hardware, embedded Linux system, and networking protocols experience.    Boinec embedded system team has long networking embedded system experience for over than 10 years. Bointec has experience on ARM9/ARM11,MIPS platform. From hardware circuit design, BSP(Base Support Platform) bring up, to embedded OS and upper TCP/IP, 3G HSPA protocol, network session protocols and API development. Our main platform including:
 1. networking , wireless embedded system solution consulting and design engineering
  service.
 2. video and audio multimedia product, solution consulting and design engineering service.
 3. handhold wireless device, solution consulting and design engineering service.     Protocol Software for the Implementation of TCP/IP in Microcontroller Systems    Networking of embedded system solutions via the Internet is becoming increasingly important. There are many different fields of application, ranging from remote maintenance and the servicing of distributed monitoring and control systems to automated updates via the Internet.    In order to enable connection of these devices to the Internet or access via wireless network or 3G wireless network, Bointec offers a complete protocol software family that provides our clients with all the essential protocols and design services of web technology    Software package enables both implementation of TCP/IP at microcontroller level and data exchange on a uniform, globally-proven basis: the TCP/IP-protocol. The package is modular; in addition to the basic TCP/IP protocol, there is an entire series of other protocols and services available as independent software stacks if needed but which are only used if required to avoid tying up any resources for unnecessary functions. This also provides a fast, low-cost introduction to the technology with the option for further extensions.    Bointec protocol stack is that it was developed with minimum resource utilization and high scalability in mind. This measurably improves performance and, reduces hardware costs while increasing market acceptance of a device. The following protocols or services are available: ■Basic protocols: TCP/IPv4, TCP/IP Lite, TCP/IPv6, TCP/IPv4v6, PPP, FTP-Server, TELNET
 ■Security: IPSec/IKE, SSL
 ■Network services: WebServer (HTTP), WebBrowser, Automatic E-Mail Transmission,POP3,
 ■RIP: Routing Information Protocol
 ■DNS Server: Domain Name Server: allows the translation of domain names to IP
 addresses
 ■NATRouter: Network Address Translation: allows the allocation and administration of
 private IP addresses
 ■IP Multicast / IGMP: Allows the transmission of IP packages to several receivers
 ■Realtime OS: Real-time operating system based on µC/OS; Adapted to TCP/IP
 ■PPPoE: PPP over Ethernet
 ■Multilink PPP: PPP over several transmission channels, e.g. ISDN Available Services(not part of contents of delivery) ■Code introduction: A one or two-day detailed introduction to the code from the developer.
 Interfaces, processes and data flows in the TCP/IP-software are described and discussed
 in detail. At the same time, questions regarding the specific adaptation can be answered
 and adaptations to the code can be made.
 ■Consulting and system conception: We offer comprehensive consulting on all questions
  and problems concerning the networking of embedded systems by Internet or Intranet. In
  addition, we can help with feasibility studies, system specifications, concepts, solution
  proposals, etc.
 ■Implementation support: If required, Bointec can provide the complete adaptation,
 implementation and testing of the TCP/IP software for your hardware or application.
 ■Device development: We develop customized components or devices based on the
 mostsuitable technology in each case. From conception to line production, we are a
 single-source solution for your custom application.Example of embedded Platform:
 Samsung 3C2416 for E-bOOKBlock DiagramFeatures • ARM926EJ CPU 400MHz with 16KB I-cache and 16KB D-cache
 • Dual port external memory controller: DRAM/ROM control and chip select logic
 • 64KB internal general purpose SRAM
 • 32KB internal ROM for moviNAND booting
 • LCD controller with DMA-dedicated: 24bpp, 2-PIP
 • 2D graphics accelerator
 • 6-ch DMAs with external request pins
 • 4-ch UART (3Mbps) with IrDA 1.0 (64B FIFO)
 • 1-ch HS-SPI (50Mbps)
 • 1-ch IIC: multi-master
 • 1-ch IIS: PCM and AC97 I/F
 • 2-ch SD/SDIO/MMC
 • 1 port USB Host v1.1 full speed
 • 1 port USB Device v2.0 high speed
 • 4-ch PWM timers & 1-ch internal timers

 Customers define the products specification, Customers Research, develop and engineering the products, Bointec helps production engineering conduct to factory manufacturing  ODM Projects
 Customer defines the products specification, Bointec Researches, develops and engineering the products, also helps production engineering conduct to factory manufacturing
 EMS Experience
 *Specialized on factory management
 *Production engineering on data-communication products
 *Lower cost of quality EMS services with higher production quality
 Project Management
 *Work close with project owner(customer) and engineer team
 *Project oriented / full control on every detail of project

 Customer requests for products by an idea or roughly specification, Bointec helps on products design and engineering  Core Confidence
 ■3G network
 ■Industrial design Std
 ■Radio
 ■Embedded software platform
 ■Software application
 ■System test networking industrial Std
 ■Integration
 ■Production  3G network
 ■Bointec 3G communication technology since 2.5G , GSM extend to HSPA, over years
 HSDPA/HSUPAsoftware and hardware engineering development key technology.
 ■Work close with chipset design house , first hand support from chipset design team
 ■Bointec familiar with 3G chipset programming, develop and firmware modification
 Proven product in Europan countries public transportation vehicles  Industrial design Std
 ■Bointec works on outdoor application for over 8 years, we design industrial standard
 hardware circuit.
 ■Experience with 12V~36V vehicle DC power , production and endurance.
 ■Bointec design Vehicle Computer for 5 years. OEM for Canadian IPC company  Integration
 ■Strong embedded system design team and OEM service team
 ■System analysis and project management are fully handled
 ■Micro-control on hardware to software system platform, protocol and programming
 integration
 ■Bointec design quality management has been approved from Baxter, USA in year 2010  Production
 ■Bointec equip with RF device production test fixture, automatic test equipment and
 program testing
 ■All production document and test plan will transfter to Client in the future

Keywords: Embedded System, Engineering, wireless network