Boge Boge - Services: Design-Build

By: Boge & Boge  09-12-2011

Our team has experience in providing clients with design-build projects where we are completely responsible for the project from the feasibility and design phase through to the construction and commissioning of the project including training and human resources development.

Also known as "turn-key", design-build offers a single contact for the entire project. Diaser Management ltd. and Boge & Boge have successfully provided complete packages combining true design and build experience. Whether you require equipment installation, a facility upgrade or a new facility, our team has the ability to provide you with a cost-effective solution - from start to finish.

  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Edible Oil Processing Facilities
  • Foreign & Domestic
  • New facilities, upgrades, expansions, shutdown
  • Complete engineering design, construction and commissioning.
  • Commercial Projects
  • Structural rehabilitation

Our services are flexible so that our intent is to meet the needs of our client. If only a portion of our services are required we are willing to advise and accommodate as required.

Other products and services from Boge & Boge


Boge Boge - Services - Engineering

Not only do we offer our technical experience in analysis and design, but our background in construction enables us to provide you with answers that make sense from an economic and contractibility point of view as well. We commit ourselves to providing you with safe and efficient engineering solutions that meet your budget and schedule requirements.


Boge Boge - Services - Project Management

Acting for the client as project managers, Boge & Boge has participated in a number of development projects in all construction sectors. Our experience allows us to develop comprehensive preliminary designs and accurate budget pricing. Boge & Boge emphasizes project coordination through a disciplined management approach.


Boge Boge - Services - Consulting

Design Review - Boge & Boge is also often retained by clients to conduct third party design review audits of proposed projects wherein the clients concern is for our expertise in generating design efficiencies and/or confirming the appropriateness of specific elements of the design proposal.


Boge Boge - Services - Facility Design

This was a challenging project because of a tight construction schedule and the fact that major life safety code upgrades were required in addition to the owner's desire to re-market this facility as a "facility of choice" and to operate it on a cost recovery basis.


Boge Boge - Services - Our Products

This lightweight device permits building owners to provide secondary backup anchorage systems for workers undertaking work from a roof using a Swing Stage or a Boson Chair. The device offers a safe way to install heavy equipment while minimizing back injury. This device permits the removal or installation of equipment located in cabinets.