BodyLingo Communication & Coaching

By: Bodylingo  09-12-2011

The Art of Physical Conversation.. Learn the Language!

A typical session takes up to 30 people through a series of activities that allow them to experience how the body moves and expresses itself, individually and in groups. The intention is to wake up the body and encourage relaxation, innovation, playfulness and teamwork. The direct benefits that will directly affect your personal and professional life include:

    - Stress reduction & release of tension
    - Increased energy
    - More positive communication
    - Greater confidence and self-esteem
    - Enriched self-expression
    - Enhanced intuitive creativity

There are no technical requirements. The workshop space should be an open, clean and private room. Participants should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothes, and must be willing to engage and be on their feet.

Programs are designed to fit the specific needs of the client. Workshops can be an hour, 1/2-day, full day or multiple sessions depending on individual client’s requirements and budget.

The lecture-demonstration is a “human power-point” version of the workshop. It introduces larger groups to the general philosophy of BodyLingo, without the hands-on aspect of the workshop. It’s entertaining and informative. It gives an overall understanding of body awareness but does not resonate on the same level as the workshop, where the ideas are physically experienced.