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By: Bo Mccoy  09-12-2011

Bo McCoy » Buy the book


Synopsis of the book:

“Do you know why you became overweight? The answers might be surprise you. However, not knowing might help you return to obesity. What will happen to you the day the scales stops moving down? Are you ready for end of the honeymoon? Making the Journey together is more important than you know. You need your support system to help you make the hardest journey of all, the mental journey once the weight-loss is finished.

Do you know how much your worth? You’re worth more than you could ever imagine! Come and find out just how much you are worth! What if you were worth your weight in gold? How would that change your self-image? Come and found out just how much you’re worth in gold!”

Chapter titles:

• Before “Life at 626 lbs”
• Get busy living or get busy dying.
• Riding the wave
• Reality is not just for television.
• We can rebuild him.
• Lessons learned.
• Would the Real McCoy please stand up?
• You are worth more than your weight in gold.
• It’s your journey; but you’re not alone?
• Resources and sponsors

“I attended Bo’s session “Worth Your Weight in Gold” at the National Convention. I came away with a whole different attitude about my self- worth. I learned that just as my pouch is a tool, so is the scale. I cannot put all of my worth on what the scale reads, I am worth so much more than that. I thank Bo for helping me to see this. Every-time I start to measure my success by the number on the scale I remember that I am worth much more that. God bless Bo and all he does.”
-Debra Harlander, Camden NY

“This was my first time attending a conference and went to Bo’s session. Let me tell you…He was wonderful!!! I adored him! lol. He made us laugh so hard we had tears streaming down our faces! I would love to attend another session he will be speaking at.”
-Kathy Arneson, -Spring Thaw Event, Hinkley, MN.