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By: Bluestar Healing Arts  09-12-2011
Keywords: healing, Hypnotic Trance State

Services List Healing Sanctuary / Spirit Guide Connection (1h- 1h 30m)
A gentle and relaxing self-hypnosis experience well suited for those wishing to establish a deeper connection to ones "true self" and guiding energies.Current and Past Life Regression (1h30 – 2hrs 30m)
Based on the process developed by Dr. Allen Chips, one enters the heart of the human mystery, the unconscious. From here one draws on the realms of wisdom and healing that exists beyond one’s rational mind. Unresolved and often unknown conflicts of one’s unconscious are resolved, thus allowing for profound change to unfold in one’s life.Negative Cell Memory Regression (1h30 – 2hrs 30m)
When other therapies have not resolved your concerns or difficulties, then the root cause may be at the cellular level. The causative negative cellular pattern can be carried forward from earlier in this lifetime or from past lives. Significant and lasting mental, emotional and physical relief can be experienced. Energy Releasement / Soul Retrieval (2hrs – 2hrs 30m)
Based on the process development by Dr. Bill Baldwin. A light hypnotic trance state is entered and then a guided body scan process leads one to the identification and resolution of energies affecting one’s well-being such as thought forms, mind fragments and lost souls.Life – Between – Lives Regression / To Your Spiritual Home (2hrs 30m – 3hrs 30m)
Based on the process developed by Dr. Michael Newton. One enters a deep hypnotic trance level to the superconscious soul state. One travels back in time through one’s immediate past life and death, and then further back through the "gateway" to one’s spiritual home. This process offers one a profound transformative experience where life’s greatest questions can be answered and powerful healing energies encountered.

Keywords: healing, Hypnotic Trance State