Mineral Perspectives: Thumbnails - Volume 1

By: Bluecap Productions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Minerals, Mineral Specimen, Mineralogical Record

Behind every fine mineral specimen is a story waiting to be told. Be it a story of a long sought-after desire finally being fulfilled or a story of a bargain-priced diamond in the rough, these stories begin to paint a picture of who we are as collectors. By studying these stories and specimens, we can learn how to be better collectors ourselves by refining our criteria and developing our own collecting philosophy.

Mineral Perspectives

is the first DVD series that takes you into the homes and collections of some of the most respected figures in the mineral world. You'll get to hear their stories, first-hand, as you watch these incredible minerals rotate in full-screen.

In Thumbnails - Volume 1, Host Jim Houran interviews competitive and aesthetic collector

Carolyn Manchester

, Mineralogical Record Editor-In-Chief

Wendell Wilson

and philanthropist and museum activist

Rich Olsen

. With almost

60 specimens

rotating full-screen, you'll love this feast for the eyes and mind!

Keywords: Mineral Specimen, Mineralogical Record, Minerals,

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