Bluebonnet Village Craft Network Craft Product Reviews

By: Bluebonnet Village  09-12-2011
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Bluebonnet Village Craft Network Craft Product Reviews

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The package contains five sheets of 8 1/2" X 11" of 200 thread count, 100% Pima Cotton attached to a paper backing. The images come out clear and crisp without any smearing. They wash well without loss of color or clarity. The printed image is soft and easy to stitch through.

Most of the other products say to use a new ink cartridge but with Printed Treasures I used ink that had been in my printer over 6 months and was more than half gone. The image I chose to print as a sample was a Victorian hand with a white lace cuff holding a red rose. I placed the hand in a business card template and printed 10 to the sheet. Let them sit for a minute or two and then cut them apart. I was on my way to a stitching retreat in Dallas and passed them out to those attending. The feed back I got from these stitchers confirmed my opinion of Printed Treasures. I have not been so impressed by a product in quite some time. The price is a little more than some of the other products but in my opinion it is well worth it. This is truly an heirloom quality product.

This produces a beautiful "hand painted" silk square suitable for framing either in the enclosed card or frame as a picture to hang on the wall. They can be included in a quilt or used as applique on bags or wearables.

This 100% Cotton Tote will look great with a personalized design screen printed, embroidered, painted or stamped on it and Size: 14" x 16" x 4" (35,6 x 40,6 x 10.2 cm).

These tote bags, as well as the other items in the Janlynn line can be purchased at your local craft outlet. You can view the other items at the Janlynn site:

These mirrors lend themselves to embellishment with Silk Ribbon Embroidery as shown, Crazy Quilt piecing, stamping, printing on fabric and any of the other needlework mediums. When finished you will have a beautiful item for your own dresser or a lovely gift.

I can see it covered in scraps from the bride's dress with his and her initials and the date embroidered on the back and then embellished with Silk Ribbon Embroidery, but it would also work well in a young lady's room covered in bright patchwork.

Sculpey Amazing Eraser Clay

This amazing product comes in a kit that contains eight colored blocks and two easy to use tools along with the instructions for working with the clay and curing it. Going to their website:

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