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By: Bluebeam  09-12-2011
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Draw a region with the stylus to select all annotations within the region for group operations. You can select multiple annotations to copy, delete, modify, move or group together.


Bluebeam comes with several predefined profile settings to make it easy to switch your interface between different views. After installation, select the Tablet profile to display the interface in landscape mode for easier viewing, markup and editing. Customize the profile to suit your needs or create multiple profiles.

Full Screen Mode

Edit Pages

Insert Page

Free Text

The Free Text markup tool makes use of a TIP (tablet input panel) with text recognition when adding a Free Text, Callout, or Leader Line annotation. Write on the upper half of the input panel and the text will appear in the lower half. Use the caps lock and all your text will appear in upper case. A delete, backspace, return, and space button are included to make editing a breeze. An additional benefit with these types of annotations is that they are all text searchable.

Pressure Sensitivity

With pressure sensitivity technology, Revu simulates the characteristics of writing with pen and paper. Thicker ink lines appear when pressing harder on the tablet screen and thinner ink lines appear with a light touch.

Appearance, Style, Font

Use various toolbars to quickly and easily change the appearance of your annotations. For instance, changing borders, line type, color, fill, opacity, font, or alignment are all accessible and obvious. You can choose the toolbars you wish to display in the interface under the View menu.

Tool Chest

Store ink components in a tool set to reuse later. The Tool Chest records and tracks markup tools as you use them. For example, by selecting a Text tool and placing a text annotation on the active document, an icon representing the text annotation will appear in Recent Tools. Duplicate the annotation by selecting this icon and place it anywhere in the document.



Keywords: Tablet

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