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By: Bluearc  09-12-2011
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Migration Services

The Data Migration Service for BlueArc Titan is designed for the migration of data from existing BlueArc systems, third-party NAS solutions, or file servers to a newly installed BlueArc NAS solution. As part of this service offering, BlueArc Professional Services will provide assessment, planning, data migration, and validation testing support to minimize impact on critical applications. Flexibility of its data migration tools enables BlueArc to accommodate a variety of customer requirements and optimize service delivery. This service supports both online and offline data migration and is available for NFS and CIFS environments.

Data Migration services accomplish the following business objectives:

  • Long term asset migration and replacement strategies
  • Merger, acquisition and consolidation strategies
  • Transition between vendor and technologies
  • Infrastructure moves or migration to new locations
  • Remote relocation of data over LAN and WAN environments

Implementation Services

The Implementation Service for BlueArc Titan is designed for integration of the system into the customer’s Internet Protocol (IP) network and includes naming and security handling by providing connections to the appropriate servers, such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Network Information System (NIS), Domain Name Server (DNS), and Active Directory. The service builds a cluster failover configuration where appropriate for file sharing that is accessible by Linux, UNIX® and Microsoft® Windows® clients. As part of the service offering, BlueArc professional services will supply knowledge transfer so enterprise customers have the ability to consolidate a large number of NAS devices or file servers to simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce management complexity, and lower total cost of ownership.

Implementation services accomplish the following business objectives:

  • Ideal for customers who want BlueArc to design and implement to Customer specified parameters.
  • Integration of Customer’s naming services and security environment
  • Provide connections to the appropriate Customer servers
  • Build a cluster configuration for high availability
  • File sharing that is accessible by UNIX® and/or Microsoft® Windows® clients
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer to a limited number of Customer’s staff
  • Testing and Validation Phase that includes sharing best practices
  • Demonstrating BlueArc Titan features and functionality.

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