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Each package includes:

 Pleiadian and Arcturian healing and activations.

 Energy work from all those of Divine alignment, that are here for our highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good
of all.

An energy reading of your aura and a body scan to locate blockages, all times, all planes, all levels.

Clearings and activations from the Pleiadians.

A healing session, including the cutting of ties, cords and attachments no longer serving your highest and greatest good from Archangel Michael.

From Archangel Metatron:

A balancing and recalibration of male/female energies.

Installation, activation and integration of the new crystal chakras with a vibrational  alignment.

Installation of new DNA and RNA codes and acceleration of understanding.

Activation for the gathering of all aspects of self.

A grounding activation from Archangel Sandalphon.

A channeled image from the Arcturians which brings forth activations and  healing energies, bringing about your highest vibration and potential.

A deck of Blue Ray Healing and Activation Cards. These energies a
combination from of all the above.

Cost of this package $220.00.

$220.00 Canadian

in person or sent long distance by intention

skype sessions can be arranged

Consists of energy and body scan, during which information is received from your

physical and etheric energy imprint. From this scan healing energies and activations are prepared and sent for your highest potential and highest and greatest good.

$80.00 Canadian

Personal Healing and Activation Image

A personal digital picture is created "*channeled", which holds the intention to trigger activations and healing for your highest and greatest good. A brief description of healing and activations within the personal "channeled" image are supplied.
When you gaze upon this image messages are delivered to your subconscious to assist in recognizing and releasing blockages in your energy field, physical body and spiritual connection.

$80.00 Canadian

Soul Image & Life Purpose
A personal "channeled" digital image

is created to assist in accessing your soul records. Information is brought forward through intuition and Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) to inform of life purpose and soul/spirit consciousness in this lifetime.

$80.00 Canadian

Starseed Activation and Attunement

An attunement and connection to the higher vibrational energies and interdimensional portal. This attunement will allow you to connect with

the incoming energies pouring forth from those who are assisting us from the higher dimensions. Each starseed can connect to their own unique aspects that are scattered across the Universe, and bring them forth to assist in this incarnation. The gathering together of all aspect of self, that are aligned with the Divine purpose and of the light.

$80.00 Canadian

*Channeled, telepathic communication from the 5th dimension and beyond.

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