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By: Blue Oasis Audio  09-12-2011
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Our entry level iPod player, the Kanto Zed, MSRP $200, Sale Price $160.

At the other extreme, our "premier" system:

Equipment MSRP
Quad 9805 Electrostatic Speakers $9000
Quad Qc24 Tube Preamp $1100
Quad II/40 Tube Monoblock Amps $4400
Atoll CD 50 CD player $1200
Cables and wires to make it rock .. $1000

A total MSRP of $16,700 for $10,000.

Or perhaps you are looking for something between the two: The Arcam AVR 350 Receiver, MSRP $2750, one left at $1400.

Boogie on down to BOA ASAP! The sale applies to in-store merchandise only.

The new Adagio loudspeaker and their Stereophile product of the year cables. Of the Adagio, Absolute Sound asks- "What is the sound of no distortion?" We wouldn't go that far, but they are closer to the Quad electrostatics in this respect than any other dynamic speaker we've heard, and man, they are dynamic!

Fine English electronic designs, including the oh-so elegant single box solution, the Solo.

Many claim to be "the standard of recording engineers the world over" these are! The speaker pictured here is the SCM-7, a well regarded stand mounted speaker.

and see Stereophile's Recommended Components list.

Cayin Fine CD and SACD players, and tube amps based on some of the classic designs, but with modern parts quality, and point-to-point wiring like a boutique guitar amp. For instance, this little beauty, the A50T; think Marantz 8B with cajones. It's a marriage made in heaven with its matching CD player and DALI IKON 6s-TCs favorite $5K system.

Sophisticated sound, great looks, handmade in Denmark (a hotbed of speaker design really)

One of the most respected names in audio, making fine speakers in Denmark for over 30 years, Dynaudio is a fairly consistent "shootout" test winner in the British press, even in competition with such British makers as B&W, PMC,and Acoustic Energy. Wonderfully coherent from top to bottom, string tone to die for, and an ease about the presentation that is addictive.

Great budget speakers that don't do anything wrong, and do a whole lot right.

Also great speakers for not a lot of money, these have bass response that you won't believe can come from such small (and beautiful) boxes.

Speaker orbs they've been accused of cuteness, but they're great for HT! Their Reference 3 loudspeaker is just great, period.

headphones, both favorites in recent HIFI Plus surveys.

A new line of ribbon-tweetered loudspeakers smooooth!

Makers of omni-polar speakers that give wide dispersion from tiny cabinets. These mate especially nicely with our entry level system, and make great home theater speakers, computer speakers, and outdoor models.

---- Makers of the Decco integrated amp. This is a muscular, high current amp, a tubed preamp, and a superb digital filterless DAC, with optical, coaxial, and USB ports. We got it in for the features, love it for the sound.

The world famous British electrostatic loudspeakers, solid state and "valved" electronics, and the surprisingly affordable L-series loudspeakers in beautiful lacquered woods

Stunning solid-state designs from the East

The Squeezebox and Transporter. Finally, a whole house wireless music distribution system that actually works, sounds great, and is a piece of cake to operate. So much better than wiring, and if/when you move, you can take it all with you! We've been waiting for a product like this.

Legendary Swiss/German turntables, from an automatic entry level model that'll knock yer sox off to a blue beauty that has caused drooling in grown humans

German Tube/Solid State hybrid designs a smart, low maintenance blend of tube smoothness and transistor grunt

"Stunning achievement" loudspeakers from $300/pr

Very suave, sophisticated electronics, both aurally and visually, with some of the most beautiful casework and sweetest treble out there. Wonderfully French.

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Keywords: Electronics, Speakers, tube