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By: Blue Ice Hockey  09-12-2011

Our SK-100 stick is perfect for the younger player. Made to our specifications, it is the optimum composition of graphite/carbon fibre to provide light-weight feel and increased durability. The shaft has our exclusive patterned “tacki-grip” for increased control and feel and is tailored for the smaller hand. The SK-100 has a 45 flex shaft. The blade is available in our two popular patterns allowing for easy raising of the puck, puck control and shooting ability.

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NANO Pro | Blue Ice Hockey Sticks

The Pro Model Nano is our top of the line custom designed stick featuring carbon nanotubules technology that provides lightness, strength and durability. The stick is designed for all players, but is the stick of choice of the more advanced and serious player. The shaft has the desired concave design for hand comfort, strength and flex control. The Pro Model Nano comes with our “tacki-grip” at no extra cost.


SK-200 Senior | Blue Ice Hockey Sticks

The SK-200 is designed for the player who appreciates the traditional feel and performance of a classic wood stick with all the advantages of modern technology. Players will be impressed with the lightness and durability of the SK-200, a combination that makes it a highly desirable stick. The SK-200 is a graphite composite that has an optimum light weight to give the player increased feel and hand speed.


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The Nano’s concave shaft and light weight lets me feel the puck for better stick-handling and puck control. The first time I used the Blue Ice Nano, I really noticed its feel, responsiveness and power. The puck just jumped off the blade giving more force and velocity to my shot.