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By: Blue Boat Solutions  09-12-2011

Posted on April 6th, 2011 Everette

People think about backups sometimes and that is the problem. A DVD of your files, an occasional memory card stored in your car, or a USB hard drive stored on the shelf isnt an effective backup strategy. For a backup strategy to be effective it needs to be regular, automated, and continuous.

What makes these so great you ask? The bottom line is that they are just plain simple to use and will allow you to backup to both a local machine and to remote machines. The products works similarly regardless of the version you use, but if you have more than 7 to 10 machines that need to be backed up you should probably pick the CrashPlan Pro software.

With the software installed and running it is automated and continuous. If you need to recover data the past versions of a document or your entire hard drive and available for download by you from your computer or to another computer in case of a disaster.

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This is the perfect service for business that can take care of there own day to day technology needs, but want assistance identifying new technologies and processes optimizations that can help grow the business for the long term. We can help design a straight forward network for your small business that allows you to effectively communicate without needing major surgery or a several week disruption to your operations.