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We offer a wide range of technically focused services. We specialize in helping our customers find the right combination of technology, processes, and innovation to help them truly succeed.  In some cases we are not the best fit to provide the service, but we will help find the one who best meets your needs.

Technology Planning/Purchasing

Feel overwhelmed with the options for technology, not sure what to choose, or even if you are requesting the correct information from your vendors.  We can help you develop a short and long term plan for technology deployment, develop requests for proposal (RFP), evaluate bids, and get you moving in the right directions.  This is the perfect service for business that can take care of there own day to day technology needs, but want assistance identifying new technologies and processes optimizations that can help grow the business for the long term.

For the single person or very small business we also assist with desktop, laptop, printer, and phone system purchases.  With a few simple questions we can help assess your needs, long term goals, and resources to find a good fit.

Network Installation

Need to connect all the computers in your office, but don’t no where to start?  We can help design a straight forward network for your small business that allows you to effectively communicate without needing major surgery or a several week disruption to your operations.  For smaller installations we can normally have it done in less than a day!

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