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By: Bliss Triune  09-12-2011
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  7 - 9 inches 10 - 12 inches 13 - 15 inches 16 - 19 inches 20 - 26 inches 27 - 36 inches
Machine-Wefted $60/oz $65/oz $70/oz $75/oz $120/oz not available
ATTENTION BRAIDERS AND WIG-MAKERS:   BLISS HAIR can be used for braiding by cutting the hair off the weft.  However, check that your braider is familiar with braiding cuticle hair. If BLISS HAIR is doubled in half when braiding or making closures, wigs, lace-fronts, etc., BLISS hair will matt and tangle beyond recognition.  It is not the same as working with NON-CUTICLE and fake hair.  Bliss hair may work best in wigs if  injected into the wig scalp.
Please note: You can cut our reinforced, hand-tied weft just as you would the machine weft; however, when working with  hand-tied wefts, the needle should never be inserted into the weft - rather over and under the weft in a circular motion.  INSERTING A NEEDLE DIRECTLY INTO THE WEFT WILL OPEN THE THREADS IN THE WEFT AND CAUSE THE WEFT TO SHED HAIR.  All Bliss hair can be flat-ironed, curled, bleached, dyed, permed.  Use caution as with your own hair!
  • 5 to 6 ounces of 10 inch hair
  • 7 to 8 ounces of 12 to 16 inch hair
  • Longer hair requires more ounces per head
  • Average ounces required for a full head weave:
    Please consult your hair professional. Individual hair styles and desires for fullness may dictate a need for more or less hair.

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    Keywords: Braiding, hair